Contesting letter’s statements

To the Editor:

I would like to correct some misstatements contained in a letter to the editor from Scott Simpson published in the March 20, 2018 Mosquito regarding the need for a Housing Coordinator in Carlisle. First, Mr. Simpson states that most of our volunteer boards and commissions “manage quite capably ... staffed by unpaid volunteers.” In fact, every one of the boards he mentioned has assistance from paid Carlisle Town employees (the Board of Health and Conservation Commission each have two). 

Simpson also complains: “Additional paid staff at Town Hall only increases the tax burden.” In fact, what the Housing Authority is proposing for next fiscal year will save our taxpayers more than $10,000 compared to this year. Carlisle has had a paid Housing Coordinator for eleven years. For the first time ever, the Board of Selectmen is proposing to eliminate knowledgeable professional staffing for an independently elected Town board. The Housing Authority intends to offer an Amendment at the April 30 Town Meeting to restore this position while reducing its hours to half time.

Finally, Simpson questions why the Town should be in the housing business. I have a one word reply: 40B. Carlisle now has two affordable housing projects built on land owned by the Housing Authority, which is responsible for compliance with their 99 year lease conditions. There is a clear desire in town to have more housing options for seniors wishing to downsize and for working families of modest means, many of whom work for our schools and police department but can’t now afford to live here. Diversity is an important value which many Carlisleans, including members of the Housing Authority, cherish.

Steven Pearlman, vice chairman

Carlisle Housing Authority 

Baldwin Road

Come enjoy the Concord House Tour

To the Editor:

The League of Women Voters Concord-Carlisle (LWVCC) is hosting its House Tour this Saturday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Entitled “Beyond Expectations: Designs Inspired by Life’s Passions and Changes,” this will be a rare opportunity to visit seven outstanding Concord homes designed and remodeled to address their owners’ unique needs and interests. These are homes where creative expression and adaptation are not only practical and resourceful but also visionary and imaginative.

The tour includes a home that takes full advantage of limited space in gracious style, while others offer extensive energy conservation elements, multi-use performance spaces, a converted museum room for the resident biologist and collector, a view of the Minuteman Statue from a Victorian farmhouse that underwent major revisions to meet mobility challenges, a 14-foot endless pool, and an historic cabin on a hillside, once the painting studio of the son of Ralph Waldo Emerson, now converted through an award winning restoration project into a quilting space, and so much more. 

This tour is an exclusive opportunity to explore some fascinating and delightful Concord homes, while supporting the local League of Women Voters. The League conducts non-partisan Candidate Forums and other public events designed to inform voters and support democracy at local, state and national levels.

Advance purchase tickets ($35) are available on the web at LWVCC.ORG . They can also be purchased on Saturday, April 7 ($40) at 57 ORNAC Road (Old Road to Nine Acre Corner), across Route 2 from the Emerson Hospital. Follow the LWV Arrow signs. See you there.

Barbara Lewis

East Riding Drive