Gleason Library welcomes new staff members

The Gleason Library is happy to introduce four new staff members who regularly meet the Carlisle public and seem to be enjoying their new roles.

Sharon Colvin has been working at the Gleason Library since September and divides her time between the Young Adult section and Reference. Originally from Southern California, she came east to attend Wellesley College and then went on to Harvard for her master's in education. Currently she is finishing up a master's degree in library science from Simmons College. She lives in Somerville.
The friendly face that greets you at the Reference Desk belongs to Sharon Colvin. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Colvin has held a number of interesting positions while in school. She managed a learning disabilities clinic at Children's Hospital and currently works for a private agency tutoring children with learning disabilities. She always knew she wanted to work with middle-school children, and when she worked at Harvard's School of Education Library, she realized what she really wanted was to be a librarian. "I love working with seventh and eighth graders and hope to remain working with kids in a public library."

Having lived in large suburbs and big cities all her life, working in Carlisle has been a different experience. "I didn't expect to like it as much as I do," Colvin said. "Carlisle is such a tight-knit environment where everybody knows everybody. It's really neat. We have regulars that I've gotten to know. There's this one family that comes in every Tuesday night, and they're very nice. What I like most is there's always something new to do. It keeps me busy and gives me the opportunity to do lots of different things."

Reference and Technology Librarian Martha Patten joined the staff just last week. She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and admits that she will root for the Red Sox, but the Cardinals have her undying loyalty. She moved east to attend Brown University and received a degree in the classics. Patten then moved to Boston where she forgot everything she learned about ancient Greece and taught people about colonial history at several museums in Salem. Her last position was managing the Witch House — the historic home of witchcraft trial judge Jonathan Corwin.

Martha Patten assists Elizabeth Ten-Hove at the Circulation Desk. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Patten recently completed her master's in library science from Simmons College and is excited to be working at the Gleason Library. "Becoming a librarian seemed like a great way to explore further opportunities in public service, education, and programming for a broader audience," she said. "Plus, I've always been a book person and a library person, not to mention a playing-with-computers-and-gadgets person." In her spare time, she also enjoys hiking and is looking forward to checking out the many trails that Carlisle has to offer.

Cataloger Charles Schweppe was born and raised in Carlisle. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and then studied medieval history at Fordham University in New York. "After finding that there were no companies desperately seeking medievalists," he states, "and since I enjoy such luxuries as eating regularly and sleeping indoors, I went to St. John's University to get my master's in library science."
Charles Schweppe helps Robin Meyn with some online research during his coverage of the Reference Desk. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Back home in Carlisle, Schweppe joined the staff at Gleason, where he works primarily as a cataloger but also covers Reference and Circulation. "Having read science fiction and fantasy all my life, I keep an eye on our collection and order appropriate books," he said. "I have also begun to do the same with the European history section."

Carlisleans will also meet Schweppe at Ferns, where he works part-time behind the counter. "It's all part of my master plan to work in every job in town and eventually take over the world, one small town at a time," he states with a smile. "I figure at this rate of success, I should accomplish this sometime in 3024." When not working, he enjoys reading, gaming and writing. "I can spend quite a pleasant day reading a book, whether it's an oldie-but-goodie by Robert Heinlein, a graphic novel, an academic monograph on the Knights Templar, or almost anything else."

The Story Time favorite

Seana Rabbito, a favorite with the younger library patrons, leads the 0-2 story time and special drop-in story time. She was born in Pensacola, Florida, and grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her father was a fighter pilot with the Navy. She attended Virginia Tech, graduating cum laude with a bachelor of science in marketing. She lived in Italy for six years where she taught English and Italian. Moving back to the States in 1996, she and her husband and their two children settled in Waltham where she began working part-time at the Waltham Public Library. In 1999 she moved to Chelmsford and the following year began working in Westford at the J.V. Fletcher Library. "I've always enjoyed bringing my kids to the library for story times, and I love children's books," states Seana. "I had always wanted to conduct story times and got my first chance in Westford with the Mother Goose Program for infants and toddlers. I fell in love with my job immediately and when the opportunity arose to work for Carlisle doing their baby story times, I was thrilled. I know how important developmentally baby story times are and I really enjoy looking out at all of their cute faces reacting to the book, finger play or nursery rhyme we may be doing."
Seana Rabbito clearly enjoys StoryTime as much as her young audience does. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

Rabbito enjoys her connections with both the parents and the children who attend story times at the Gleason Library. "I love hearing from the parents that their kids sang the "Hokie Pokie" and did the sign for "The More We Get Together" all day after they've been to my story time. It's a great job!" exclaims Rabbito. "One day after my story time, a little boy said to his grandmother, 'Come on, Grammy, let's go play library!' I said, 'Oh, I used to play library when I was little, too.' The grandmother laughed and said, 'When we play library, he's 'Seana' and he does the story time for me.'"