Carlisle Communications, Inc. (CCI), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is the publisher of the Carlisle Mosquito newspaper and the Carlisle Mosquito website, (www.carlislemosquito.org).

Our Mission:

The mission of Carlisle Communications Inc. is to disseminate information among residents and others interested in the town of Carlisle, Massachusetts.  CCI facilitates and promotes this initiative by publishing a weekly newspaper and utilizing other media. The newspaper is delivered free to all residents and there are no fees associated with the website.

Current Board Members (2019-2020):

Susan Emmons (General Manager), Lauree Eckler, Betsy Fell (News Editor), Sarah Hart (Vice-President), Mary Hult (Secretary), Dan Jacques (Chair), Lenny Johnson (Treasurer), Jay Luby (President), Helen Lyons, Susan Mills (Ad Manager), Greg Peterson, Ann Quenin (Feature Editor), Penny Zezima, Sara Wilson.

Editors share one board vote.

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