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Friday, December 17, 2010

Planning Board shorts, Dec. 13

Carlisle School Site Plan. Carlisle School Building Committee Chair Lee Storrs and Deputy Fire Chief Jonathan White appeared before the Planning Board on December 13 to discuss proposed amendments to the school’s Site Plan. The Selectmen approved the original plan on Septembe r 28, and must also approve the amendment.

The fire cistern site has been moved to the south side of the Brick Building. School Street will be widened there from its present 20 feet to 25 feet. The board noted that this could present a safety hazard, because of proximity to the Brick Building granite step. The emergency vehicle access between the Robbins and Wilkins Buildings will be widened by a foot with a radius of 15 feet. This latter change will require two more trees to be removed, including a 36-inch diameter oak. There will be no fire lane markings on the plaza pavement – signs will be used to define the lane.

The Planning Board recommended that the revisions be discussed with the Traffic Safety Committee. Chair David Freedman urged the committee to inform neighbors across the street of the plans. White said that the July and August work on the cistern could conflict with the Highland Building stabilization.

A Scenic Road Public Hearing is tentatively scheduled for 8:45 p.m. on January 10, pending on availability of Tree Warden Gary Davis. Storrs will ensure that the trees to be removed are flagged prior to the hearing.

Elliott Farms – Skelton Road.The Planning Board continued the public hearing on the requested amendment to a Common Driveway Special Permit originally issued in 1984. If approved, the driveway would be extended to serve a total of six lots – two under control of Fontaine Richardson (121 Skelton Road) and four under control of the Rachel Webster Elliott Trust (291 River Road). George Dimakarakos of Stamski and McNary Engineering described recent revisions made to the plan. Several waivers have been requested from the board’s design standards for common driveways. The proposed length will exceed the required 1,000 feet maximum, separation between one of the three turnouts would be 400 feet rather than the required 300 feet maximum, and the roadway would not be named. Lots served would have house numbers on Skelton Road.

White said the Fire Department would prefer that the common driveway be named. He also suggested changes to driveway locations off of the cul-de-sac near the end of the common driveway to accommodate turning radii of the town’s fire trucks. Dimakarakos said that discussions are continuing with the Fire Department. The hearing will be continued on January 10 at 8 p.m. ∆

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