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Friday, December 17, 2010

Carlisle School Library’s “book tree” features students’ favorite stories

(Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

At the Carlisle School Library children’s books are being displayed in a festive fashion. Similar to the Concord Museum’s Festival of Trees, Carlisle School Librarian Sandy Kelly this year set up a “book tree” and invited students in grades 4 to 8 and staff to create tree ornaments based on a children’s book. Kelly is pleased with the colorful and creative handmade ornaments.

For example, fifth grader Alden Harring created a tiny white mitten and attached small paper animals onto cotton balls for her depiction of the book, The Mitten. Erica Chin used a tennis ball as Santa’s head for The Night Before Christmas. John Mosca drew three small illustrations for the book Scooby Doo. Other students include Anisha Chopra, Harrison Topol, Sarah Fry, Sam Oriola and Jackie Bernstein.

Two fifth graders and two sixth graders volunteered to act as the book tree judges. They viewed more than 20 ornaments, and chose the best in each category, such as most colorful or most unique. Every student who created an ornament received a certificate of completion, Kelly said.

Displayed under the tree are the books illustrated on the ornaments. Kelly said she is happily replenishing the book display because students who are attracted to it are checking out the books. She hopes more students will be inspired to make a book ornament next year. The tree will be displayed until December 23. ∆

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