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Friday, December 10, 2010

ConsCom shorts, Dec. 2

Hanover Hill. Representing Wilkins Hill Realty, Rob West discussed the final steps needed to complete work relative to the 35-lot subdivision off Westford Street. The ConsCom’s permit covers construction of a roadway and three common driveways with associated grading and drainage systems. West noted that the ultimate goal is acceptance of the road by the town.

Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard and West recently visited a few sections of the site that have proved problematic. They reported, first, that a required wildlife habitat enhancement area in upland next to a potential vernal pool had been created partly in wetland and has been corrected. The enhancement includes logs and leaf litter areas. Second, a “T” turnaround on one of the common driveways has not been built. The applicant’s hope is that the two lots served will be purchased by a single owner and it will become a simple driveway with less stringent construction requirements.

Third, a bridge area where material adjacent to an abutment washed out in a storm this past spring has been redone and stabilized. Fourth, a detention basin that “blew out” in the storm was replanted; a portion that did not “take” has been sprayed with a conservation mix.

Finally, Willard pointed out that water runs down Westford Street after a rain, causing erosion and carrying rocks and other materials into the wetland area across from the end of Acton Street. She said: “There really need to be catch basins.” West added: “As hard as Gary (Davis) tries, Gary doesn’t have any money.” There was agreement to install some riprap at the edge of the Hanover Hill property “to try to slow the water down.”

Cranberry bog dike. Willard reported that she was informed a few weeks ago by Land Steward Debbie Geltner that the reservoir behind a dam on the Cranberry Bog Conservation Land off Curve Street was about to overflow. Willard said she informed cranberry bog farmer Mark Duffy who “sent a crew” to remove beaver debris from the flumes. Chair Kelly Guarino offered to contact the Chelmsford ConsCom Chair about alteration of upstream water levels and other bog-related matters affecting both towns.

103 Heald Road. The ConsCom approved an Order of Conditions (permit) for Nancy Teasdale to remove five to ten trees, install a new sewage disposal system and do associated grading in the 100-foot Buffer Zone of a Bordering Vegetated Wetland. Teasdale was represented by Ben Ewing of Stamski and McNary Engineering.

28 Concord Street. The public hearing for Emily Williams’ proposed work in a wetland buffer zone was continued to December 16 at 7:50 p.m. The project includes continuing construction of a footing under an existing barn as well as a room expansion, building a deck, and potentially adding a fence and landscaping. The ConsCom recently approved an Emergency Certificate after work to replace a sill in the barn revealed there was no existing footing – just boulders. The permit request had been continued from the November 18 meeting due to lack of a MassDEP file number. Questions remain about whether the fence location is entirely on the applicant’s land.

180 Concord Street. With completion of a house addition according to the approved plan, a Certificate of Compliance was granted to Sue Wolfe. ∆

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