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Friday, December 10, 2010

Board of Selectmen shorts, December 7

Noise Bylaw. Ginny Lamere (Rutland Street) asked for support from the Selectmen for creation of a noise bylaw. Her request was precipitated by jackhammer and hoe-ram activity on the conservation cluster called Chestnut Estates on Rutland Street. She said, “The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has a policy for noise but the policy has no teeth to stop developers from making excessive noise. In August DEP came to 400 Rutland Street and made measurements at the street. It was 85 dBA and my house is actually closer (to the project area) than the street.” She said that even with windows closed she had to resort to wearing ear protection in her own home. [Typical background ambient can range from 40 to 50 dBA. Every 3 dB increase represents a doubling of sound energy; 10 dB above ambient is considered a noise nuisance.]

While expressing their unanimous support for such a bylaw, Lamere was asked about alternatives for hoe ramming. She said that periodic blasting would be preferable. “You get warning for blasting and it doesn’t persist for hours and weeks on end.” Building Inspector John Luther said that drilling and some hoe ramming is still involved with blasting but that the durations can be significantly less.

Planning Board Chair David Freedman said that Ginny Lamere is on the board’s meeting agenda at 9 p.m. on December 13. He suggested that the Planning Board could take the lead on this.

Library Sunday hours.The Selectmen voted to establish a “Gift Fund for Sunday Hours at the Library” account.

Appointments. Basu Sarkar of East Riding Drive was appointed to the Carlisle Energy Task Force. He has degrees in electrical and industrial engineering and expects to receive a M.Sc degree in Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies in 2011.

Randy Brown of East Street was appointed to the Housing Authority. He has a degree in civil engineering with professional experience in construction, government contracts, remodeling and alternative energy projects. He is also a member of the town Recycling Committee.

Town Hall evening hours considered. Administrator Tim Goddard suggested that it could be a public service to have “hours for all departments aligned” and to offer some evening hours one day a week. He suggested that by having early closing on Fridays there would be no added cost. The Selectmen concurred and asked Goddard to further develop his proposal for consideration at a later meeting.

BYOB at Ferns is under consideration. Chair John Williams said that it is the intent of the board to open the public hearing on the Ferns’ proposal on December 21 and, while permitting two board meetings for public input, to continue the hearing to January 25. ∆

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