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Friday, December 10, 2010

Shorts from the SBC, December 2

Local hiring. Alan Carpenito spoke to the Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) on December 2 to suggest a local hiring requirement of 1 to 2% for construction projects such as the upcoming school renovation. He noted that some townspeople are “struggling to stay in the town” and would benefit from being hired. The committee was generally supportive of hiring local individuals or firms, but questioned the idea of a quota. SBC member Robert Wiggins asked if there were legal concerns with a local hiring requirement. Carlisle’s Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell said there might be restrictions due to the state financial assistance and said that he would consult with his legal sources. He added that enforcing the requirement would require additional employee tracking and reporting on the site. There would have to be ramifications, such as withholding money, if a contractor or subcontractor failed to fulfill the local hiring requirement, he said. Carpenito thanked the committee for listening.

After he left, SBC member and Town Treasurer Larry Barton said he would like to encourage local contractors, but the committee “still needs to be able to get the best we can for the best price we can.” He said that a 2% requirement “is a bit unrealistic” in such a small town as Carlisle.

Fennell plans to follow through with setting up a day per week when interested area residents can apply for construction positions and fill out CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) paperwork. He will also reach out to the Metro South West Employment and Training Resources (, which would possibly provide resources on some days. He noted that interested workers may need pre-employment training in order to receive their OSHA-10 card.

Cost estimate. The estimated total cost of the building project as of November 18 is $19,550,000. New copies of the “60% CD Estimate Reconciled” report were passed out. The estimated construction phase cost is $14,789,724, which excludes the architect’s design fees, the owner project management and other items, including construction contingency and permits.

Extras. Two items may be put on the “Add Alternates” list: installing digital controls for the HVAC system and repaving the bus loop and lower parking lot. Add alternates are performed only if the project comes in under budget. HMFH Architect Arthur Duffy said he would walk the parking lot with Facilities Manager David Flannery to determine the scope of repaving, and will discuss the cost of additional design work, if necessary, at the next meeting. SBC member Bill Fink suggested that if the paving is not included as an add alternate the school could request Long Term Capital funds to cover the work.

The committee discussed whether to include, as an add alternate, the replacement of the sidewalk at the bottom of the plaza. They agreed the disruption of the stonework by the removal and installation of stairs requires the sidewalk to be included in the basic building project.

Printing costs. The SBC voted to approve the lowest bidder, Nashoba Blue of Hudson, Massachusetts, as the printer and document manager of the detailed construction plans for the school building project. Nashoba bid a total of $7,542.50. The other two bids were $8,661.50, and $8,978.50. Fennell explained that the company will print 125 sets of the plans (containing 150 drawings) and 125 two-volume specification manuals. Each bidder, either general contractor or subcontractor, may request one copy of the bid set. All shipping and additional copies are at the bidder’s expense. Nashoba will track and distribute the bid sets. Aside from price, Fennell recommended Nashoba, saying his company has had a “good experience with them on previous projects.” Approximately ten extra sets will be printed for use by the school and committee members.

Request to widen School Street. The committee is seeking approval from the Planning Board to have School Street widened near the Brick Building to accommodate entering and exiting fire trucks. Selectmen Doug Stevenson said abutters may voice their concerns, but “my assumption is the board will go along with the recommendation.”

Internet cable choice. Due to the increased cost, the SBC decided to stick with installing CAT 6 internet cables and not upgrade to CAT 6A. Duffy estimated that changing to CAT 6A would cost “probably more than $40,000.” Storrs asked if the change could be “bid out” but Duffy explained there are redesign costs due to the larger size of the cables.

Status of Wilkins gas shut off. The SBC voted to approve an additional $800 for Collins Heating Service, for a total of $3,716. Collins will be running a new gas line and coring through the Wilkins exterior wall to connect to a new gas meter. The additional funds are to cover the coring work.

Structural peer review. Fennell said the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) requires all projects to have a structural peer review. He presented two bids: $3,200 (Veitas and Veitas Engineers) and $4,500 (LeMessurier Consultants, Inc.). The committee voted to recommend to the Selectmen to enter into contract with Veitas and Veitas Engineers. ∆

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