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Friday, December 10, 2010

Trails Committee projects progress

Over homemade candied acorns – and mixed reviews to said acorns – the Carlisle Trails Committee met Friday, December 3 at Town Hall to discuss the progress of fall and winter projects.

Installation of piers at Spencer Brook off the Benfield land is scheduled for December 9. Once the piers are in place plans will continue for the construction of an observation platform. Next steps include putting together a list of materials needed for the project and notifying the Conservation Commission of the dates for work. Construction will commence when weather allows, hopefully prior to the first significant snowfall.

Members of the Trails Committee walked portions of the Chestnut Estates conservation land on Sunday, December 5, to assess possibilities for clearing trails on this newly acquired parcel of land. They then headed to Estabrook Woods to finish cutting and removing the remains of a fallen tree.

Trail maintenance on the Greenough Land has been completed; however a sizeable amount of lumber needs to be hauled away from the area. This work has been scheduled for Sunday, December 12. Some of the wood is pressure-treated and in reusable condition and will be set aside for future use by the Trails Committee.

The Committee also discussed the recent mysterious disappearance of a trail sign labeled “Twin Peaks.” Tire tracks lead off the road near where the sign was located, and while there had been a car accident nearby, the absence of any sign or post fragments suggests the sign was taken and not a casualty of the accident. A new sign will be made and put in the ground in the spring, but will be positioned behind a rock wall farther from the road.

The Trails Committee’s next meeting will be held at Town Hall Friday, January 7, at 7:30 p.m. ∆

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