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Friday, December 3, 2010

Police warn of phone scams

Over the past couple of weeks there have been several different scams reported to police.

On November 17, a Carlisle resident received a phone call from an individual who was advertising chimney sweeping at a discounted rate. The company’s name was Energy Star out of Stoughton. The suspect came to the house and began to do work. The suspect then allegedly advised the homeowners that their chimney had collapsed. He went inside and shut off the heat and hot water and said that they could not use the chimney until major repairs were completed because their lives were at risk. The suspect gave an estimate of $5,700 to complete the repairs and insisted on having the repairs done immediately. The homeowner turned the suspect away and later called police. There was, in fact, no major damage to the chimney and no immediate repairs were needed. The suspect did this same type of scam earlier in the day in Concord. Both police departments identified the suspect and will be seeking criminal charges.

Another recent scam taking place has been targeting the elderly. The victims have been receiving phone calls with area codes that are from outside the country. The suspects are advising the victims that they are from an international lottery organization and they have won the lottery. The suspects are attempting to gain personal information from the victims and requesting money transfers so the victims may receive their payments. There have been two reports of this from residents in town but no personal information has been compromised.

Area police have also been reporting on individuals contacting people over the phone and posing as police officers. The suspect will tell them that a friend of theirs is in jail and in need of bail money and are asked to transfer money to an account given over the phone. There have been no reports of this in Carlisle.

If any residents have received or do receive any calls of this nature, do not give out any personal information. Please contact the Carlisle Police Department immediately if you receive a call of this nature. ∆

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