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Friday, November 26, 2010

Loosestrife mapped at Greenough

High School junior Amelia Cox presented the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) on November 18 with a baseline map she created of Purple Loosestrife distribution on the Greenough Conservation Land. Cox included GPS positioning data in the Girl Scout mapping project. She also noted the areas where it was necessary to use estimates, because thick reed growth or deep water prevented access to the loosestrife. Cox explained that the baseline data might be useful if the town decides to participate in a loosestrife eradication program. Cox was thanked for her work.

Galerucella beetles that target purple loosestrife have been recently introduced in Concord, Wayland, Sudbury and Marlboro, according to Land Steward Committee member Lynn Knight, who helped Cox with the mapping. Knight said the beetles survive the winter and have been observed to spread from the introduction sites. According to Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard, the beetles have been released at least twice in recent years at Great Brook Farm State Park. Commissioner Tom Brownrigg said that in a site in Chelmsford there were large areas where the loosestrife was killed by the beetle and the native cattails were coming back. Knight offered to bring more information to the ConsCom about the results of the beetle introduction programs. ∆

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