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Friday, November 26, 2010

Conservation Commission weighs in on two Skelton Road projects

Two proposed building projects near the Concord River drew the attention of the Conservation Commission on November 18. The first related to a common driveway on the Elliott Farms property at the corner of Skelton and River Roads. The second was a preliminary discussion about a plan to replace the house at 41 Skelton Road, near the bridge to Bedford.

Elliott Farms

The ConsCom continued a hearing on a Notice of Intent for changes to a common driveway, portions of which are located near or in wetlands, near the river and/or within the town’s flood hazard zone. (See “ConsCom reviews development of Elliott Farms, November 5.) The common driveway is to access four house lots. George Dimakarakos of Stamski and McNary Engineering described revisions made to the plan at the request of the Board of Health and the Planning Board.

The new driveway placement detours to spare a grove of trees. However, as a result, that stretch of the drive will be moved closer to the river, and will be located on more steeply sloped land, requiring more cut and fill. The revised plan also reduces the number of wider “turn-out” areas in the drive.

Dimakarakos asked for the commission’s reaction to the revised plan and heard no strong objections. The drainage calculations have not been finalized and the hearing was continued to December 16 at 8 p.m.

41 Skelton Road

Architect Anthony Pisani represented a potential buyer for the property and sought informal advice regarding a plan to replace the existing 3,746-square-foot house with a new house of 3,980 square-feet on essentially the same location. He said the existing two-story dwelling was built in the 1960s on a “superb” spot overlooking the Concord River. The new home will have only one story, but a slightly higher roofline as seen from the river. The house is within the 200-foot riverfront area. The prospective buyer is also interested in filling in an existing pool, located in the riverfront area. Other plans include a guesthouse and a possible conservation restriction on a yet-to-be determined portion of the 10.6-acre property.

Chair Kelly Guarino said the project would require filing a Notice of Intent and an alternatives analysis. Commissioner Peter Burn said, “The other thing I’d be concerned about is any [tree] clearing down toward the river.” ∆

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