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Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving in Carlisle 60 years ago

If you were living in Carlisle sixty years ago you would have found August Bundoris operating a fair-sized turkey farm on Forest Park Drive. His driveway is now Forest Park Drive. His house was the first one on the left as you went up the driveway. His weathered barn was directly across the street.

The turkeys were raised behind wire on the same side of the street as the barn. The turkeys were defeathered and dressed about a week before Thanksgiving. Refrigeration was provided in the barn. Mr. Bundoris made his living selling turkeys and strawberries.

About seven years earlier a barn stood at the corner of Acton Street and Westford Road. It was owned by Matthias Peloquin who ran a goat farm. He sold his goats’ milk for 25 cents a quart. The roof of his barn was shingled with two different-colored shingles arranged to spell “Carlisle” in large letters. When World War II was in full swing, Matthias was asked to paint over the shingles so that enemy aircraft could not read where they were. A little Carlisle history from a person who lived it. ∆

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