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Friday, November 19, 2010

Benfield housing earns town 40B moratorium

With the Comprehensive Permit for Benfield now in place, Carlisle has earned the right to disapprove any new 40B development proposed in the town over the next two years. A Certification of Municipal Compliance has been issued by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), offering a two-year Carlisle moratorium from the 40B law. ...more

Contractor repairs damaged Fire Station cistern

The 40,000-gallon cistern being installed at the Fire Station sat damaged for a month, but this week workers have been busy making repairs and completing the installation. Once finished, the tank will be filled and checked for leaks over the following two weeks. ...more

Hurdles delay Elliott Farms common drive application

The Planning Board continued the hearing on November 8 to change the common driveway for the Elliott Farms property at 121 Skelton Road, in order to give the applicant time to work out possible lot line changes and to reach an agreement with an abutter who shares the driveway. The continuation of the public hearing is scheduled for 8 p.m. on December 13. ...more

KV Associates sought for CCHS project manager

After interviewing the four finalists from an initial field of 12 firms last week, the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Building Committee has entered into negotiations to hire KV Associates (KVA) of Boston as the Owners Project Manager for the upcoming feasibility study for the CCHS renovation project. If voters later approve construction funding, the project ...more


A curb cut fee under consideration for home construction and renovation projects would only require Board of Selectmen approval, not a vote of Town Meeting, explains Carlisle Building Commissioner John Luther. The Mosquito regrets the error. ∆ ...more

Alcohol, drugs spur changes at CCHS

Student use of drugs and alcohol are causing changes at Concord Carlisle High School. The recent Emerson Hospital Youth Risk Behavior Survey indicated alcohol use has declined slightly but drug use has increased (see Carlisle Mosquito, “Alcohol, drugs remain a concern at CCHS,” November 12.) Five Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) students were found to ...more

Changes coming to Great Brook Ski Center

Starting this winter, Great Brook Farm State Park is planning to allow walkers and others to share use of portions of the groomed ski trails with the paying cross-country skiers. According to Stuart Johnstone, who has run the cross-country ski concession since 1988, the park is unique in the state in reserving part of the trail network for paid skiers. His ...more

New Concord hydrant brings water to town line

The town of Concord installed a new fire hydrant Wednesday on Concord Street near Hartwell Road. Hartwell Road begins across the border in Concord, though the homes on the road are all located in Carlisle. Carlisle Fire Chief David Flannery says the hydrant will be available for use to fight fires in Carlisle, in accordance with a mutual aid agreement. However, ...more

CCHS Master Plan architect reviews design, fields questions

How was the proposed renovation plan for the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) developed? How will the school change and how much will it cost? On November 8, in the Corey Cafeteria, Office of Michael Rosenfeld (OMR) principal Jeanne Roberts gave an overview of the CCHS Master Plan that was completed last March and answered questions concerning the ...more

Recreation Commission asked to weigh in on possible land option

On Tuesday night, Conservation Commissioner Sylvia Willard and Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee (CRAC) member Wayne Davis spoke to the Recreation Commission (RecCom) about a possible location for a new ball field. ...more

Rocky Point developer to submit profitability statement

Rocky Point developer Michael Kenny reports that the profitability statement for that 2006 project is nearly complete (see “Rocky Point developer suspended from further 40Bs,” Mosquito, November 12.) “I’ve been working diligently with MassHousing,” he says. “I’ve gladly complied even though this was not required by my permit.” The Rocky Point ...more

Recreation Commission Shorts, November 16

Gifts. Members of the Recreation Commission (RecCom) gratefully accepted gifts from both the Concord Carlisle Youth Soccer (CCYS) and the Concord Carlisle Youth Baseball/Softball (CCYB/S) organizations. Each gift was $5,000. Youth sports teams are the biggest users of the Spalding and Banta-Davis fields. Both organizations ...more

Board of Health shorts, Nov. 9

Rocky Point townhouses pass septic inspections. The affordable housing units referred to as Rocky Point/Laurel Hollow sites I and II have complied with Board of Health (BOH) permit conditions. The board discussed the completion of requested tasks at the November 9 BOH meeting. These include an annual pumping of ...more

Troubled waters: LWV forum looks at water safety and supply

Many people worry about their drinking water: how safe is it and is the supply threatened? These issues were explored at the League of Women Voters’ forum entitled “Protecting our Taps,” held on Friday, November 5, at the Alcott School in Concord. ...more

Planning Board discusses Green Communities initiative

On November 8 several members of Carlisle’s Energy Task Force met with the Planning Board to move forward on one of the five criteria for a town to receive “Green Community” designation. Green Communities are eligible to apply for grants to finance all or a portion of the cost of studying, designing, constructing and implementing energy efficiency activities. ...more

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