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Friday, November 19, 2010

Board of Health shorts, Nov. 9

Rocky Point townhouses pass septic inspections. The affordable housing units referred to as Rocky Point/Laurel Hollow sites I and II have complied with Board of Health (BOH) permit conditions. The board discussed the completion of requested tasks at the November 9 BOH meeting. These include an annual pumping of septic tanks, annual water meter readings (which are currently well below septic capacity) and providing an annual financial report. The board discussed that the units are restricted to two bedrooms with additional living space and advertisers cannot promote the units for sale as having three bedrooms.

Farmers Market moves indoors. The BOH noted that the Farmers Market will open indoors at the First Religious Society on a monthly basis beginning on Saturday, November 27. As before, vendors must follow a set of rules in selling edible items.

Flu clinics. The BOH will hold a free public flu clinic open to everyone over the age of 19 at the Carlisle Public School cafeteria on Monday, November 29 from 2 to 4 p.m.

The town held a flu clinic for seniors, administered by Emerson Homecare, with 250 doses of free vaccine available on Friday, November 12. The flu clinic vaccinated 102 people. Two seniors required home visits. Clinic attendees had to provide health insurance information, and Emerson billed health insurance companies $13 for an administration fee per shot.

125 South Street oil spill update. Residential wells located at 125 South Street and 43 and 148 Fifty-Acre Way received analytical certificates certifying “no concentrations of any compounds.” The well analysis occurred as a follow-up to the oil spill at 125 South Street stemming from a leaking pool line in the summer of 2010. ∆

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