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Friday, November 19, 2010

Alcohol, drugs spur changes at CCHS

Student use of drugs and alcohol are causing changes at Concord Carlisle High School. The recent Emerson Hospital Youth Risk Behavior Survey indicated alcohol use has declined slightly but drug use has increased (see Carlisle Mosquito, “Alcohol, drugs remain a concern at CCHS,” November 12.) Five Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) students were found to have drug paraphernalia and narcotics during the school day. The incident occurred during a lunch block on November 3 near the Hapgood Forest, which is across the street from the school.

Since the incident, the school has placed tighter control on student movement during study halls. In the past students were allowed to move from study hall to the Learning Commons (school library) on the strength of a pass and were trusted to stay at their destination for the entire period. On November 15 students were told they must sign in when they arrive at the Commons and sign out when the period is over. Students were warned if they do not sign out at the end of the period they will be marked absent. The school’s automatic attendance system can notify parents when a student is marked absent from a class.

Principal Peter Badalament, reached by email, said a second Campus Monitor will join the staff after the Thanksgiving break. The monitor will check students who are moving in hallways, and are in the parking lot during lunch periods. Cars will continue to be checked for parking stickers.

Badalament said Concord Police will continue to have a presence at the school. “Officer Camilleri, CCHS School Resource Officer, parks his cruiser out front frequently,” he explained. “Sometimes it’s marked and other [times] it isn’t.”

The school is taking steps to stop alcohol and drugs from entering the building. CCHS parents were warned in an email on Tuesday, November 16, that the November 19 dance may be shortened if there is “evidence of drinking/drug use” such as drug paraphernalia or bottles in the trash. The action was prompted by the discovery of empty alcohol containers after the September dance. Students will again be subjected to random breathalyzers as they arrive at the dance. The school asked parents to provide transportation should the dance shut down early. ∆

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