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Friday, November 19, 2010

Contractor repairs damaged Fire Station cistern

The 40,000-gallon cistern being installed at the Fire Station sat damaged for a month, but this week workers have been busy making repairs and completing the installation. Once finished, the tank will be filled and checked for leaks over the following two weeks.

Fire Chief David Flannery explained that the cistern was damaged after installation by the C. Naughton Corporation of Weymouth on Wednesday, October 13, and Thursday, October 14. “There was no pump put into the hole to keep the water out when the contractor left on Thursday night,” Flannery said. “The next day (Friday) there was a rain storm that brought over 1.5 inches of rain. The excavated hole with the empty tank in it filled with water and the tank floated.” When it floated, a seal was damaged causing the tank to leak. Flannery said, “The contractor did not expect the tank to float.”

The tank was made by the Pre-Castle Corporation and assembled on site. Flannery said, “The tank is approximately 100 feet long, ten feet wide by ten feet high and is made up of ten sections of precast concrete, bolted together with a seal between each section….The seal between the third and fourth section broke. We estimate that this gap was about five inches.”

Flannery said that the contractor and manufacturer met at the site a week later to recommend a solution. “The Pre-Castle rep said that this is something they have seen before.” Flannery said, “We required the contractor to remove the tank, level the base the tank is to sit on and then re-install the tank.” This work was being done this week.

Who will pay for the repairs? Flannery said, “The rework is being done at considerable expense to the contractor.” He says there remain outstanding issues. “The contractor is claiming extra costs which we do not accept.” However, he does not want to criticize the contractor and says, “We are very pleased with both his communication and work in general. This was an unfortunate occurrence and one that he has stepped up to the plate to remedy.” ∆

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