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Friday, November 19, 2010


Carlisle Comments

Editor’s note: This was submitted by a CCHS parent who subsequently checked Box 2 at the letter’s end.

“Dear Mom and Dad:

It has come to my attention that you have decided to deny my request to see the first installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on this Thursday at midnight. I think this is an egregious miscalculation.

First of all my childhood has been defined by the releases of Harry Potter, and with this being a very important second-to-last release to miss it would be to defy the core values of my childhood. Harry Potter is one of the things that defined my years of life up to this point, teaching me the values of courage, love and friendship, as well as how to do well in school (Hermione is certainly a role model for me). From the days you read Harry Potter to me on the couch in the living room to finishing the final book on the car ride to camp, as well as many subsequent re-readings, Harry Potter has been with me all the way, and I must continue this tradition.

Additionally, I believe I deserve this night out this week for many reasons. Recently I have been very well focused on my school work, as deleting my Facebook [page] as well as coming home these past two days and all I ask is to be rewarded with one fun night! And for goodness sakes, it’s Harry Potter, not some house party or other despicable event. Harry Potter fans are not hoodlums. Also, I am missing the soccer game on Wednesday night for my ...[music] lesson which breaks my heart. All of my friends are going and there is no way I want to miss out on two must-be-at events in one week. My dedication and focus to school I think merits just one event I really would like to attend, don’t you think?

Furthermore, due to my responsibility and very capable planning, I already have a ticket and a ride to the event! How lovely. At only $11, admission to this event is quite a bargain. In fact, I am willing to stay home from the dance on Friday if I can go to this, so you will only be spending one dollar more on me this week. In fact, I’m paying for it myself.

And of course this age-old yet reliable argument must be brought up: everyone else is going! Oh but it is so true. [The number] of people I have talked to today alone, who are going:... [ten]! Yes folks, it’s true. You don’t want to be the lame parents, now do you? And of course the response to your jumping-off-a-bridge counterargument is that I think going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter is a lot more fun and rational than jumping off a bridge.

In conclusion, I feel you have strong reasons to consider all of these facts and retract your previous refusal to allow me to go. Both the valid and persuasive arguments in this letter in addition to the sheer fact that I put so much effort into this letter should convince you to PLEASE let me go!

Lastly, always remember that coffee + Friday morning = success!

Please reconsider & respond:

[ ] Wow! What a lovely letter, of course you can go!

[ X ] You are the perfect daughter and totally can.

[ ] Well, we don’t want to be the lame ‘rents so I suppose you can go...

[Love]” ∆

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