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Friday, November 19, 2010

Carlisle Calendar

Friday, November 19
Cultural Council
12:30 p.m., Hollis Room, Gleason Library
Cross-Country Ski Sign-up
7 p.m., Union Hall

Monday, November 22
Planning Board
7:30 p.m., Clark Room, Town Hall

Tuesday, November 23
Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee
8 a.m., Heald Room, Town Hall
9 a.m., Parlin Room, Town Hall
Regional School Committee
6:30 p.m., CCHS Library
7 p.m., Clark Room, Town Hall
Fishing Club
7-9 p.m., Union Hall

Wednesday, November 24
CCHS Building Committee
6 p.m., CCHS

Thursday, November 25
Community Dinner
4 p.m., Union Hall

Friday, November 26
Trails Committee Walk
1 p.m., State Park Parking Lot

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