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Friday, November 5, 2010


HOMETOWN HEROES. Firefi ghters (left to right) Bill Ho, Dave Newman and Rich Sibley (all three are fathers of current kindergartners) give a fi re safety demonstration to all three Carlisle kindergarten classes. Teacher Suzanne Comeau stands at right. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

FILLING A DESPERATE NEED. Red Cross nurse Jen Giragosian gets ready
to take blood from Kathy Hassey at the blood drive at Saint Irene on Tuesday.
(Photo by Ellen Huber)

Halloween happenings in Carlisle

THE STAGE IS SET. The Town Common is ready for a chilling evening as the Halloween Movies on the Common, sponsored by Carlisle Kids’ House, begin on October 29. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

FRUIT SALAD. In the Carlisle School Halloween parade sixth-grade science teacher Wendy Stack pushes
orange Mia Royce while (left to right) banana Claire Brandhorst, strawberry Emma Selve, sports fan Kayla
Massicott and watermelon Whitney Nash walk along. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Chicken Lucia Eckler and her black cat, mom Lauree, at the Parents Connection Halloween Celebration in Diment Park last Saturday.

Clown Nora Bistras at Ferns’ treat pumpkin during the Carlisle Center celebration on Halloween Night.

Seeing double? Twin owls Alex and Ben Cardoos, preschoolers, march in the school Halloween Parade last Friday.

“It was the Monster Mash.” Music teachers Kevin
Maier and Megan Harlow at the school Halloween

Tom Lockwood hands out candy in his Lowell Street front yard to pumpkin Mairead
Shea, vampire bride Marjorie Haddad and robot Finn Granfield.


Proof that Halloween in Carlisle isn’t just for kids

Photos by Evan McGlinn




FROM CASKET TO BASKET. This fellow enjoys his Halloween vantage point on East Street. (Photo by Ellen Huber)





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