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Friday, November 5, 2010

Admiration for Chief Sullivan

To the Editor:

I just read with sadness about Chief Sullivan being placed upon paid administrative leave. As with most people I have no idea what has occurred but I have known Chief Sullivan for more than 22 years and have found him to be a caring pillar of the Carlisle community.  I personally have witnessed him devote thousands of hours at Town Meetings, parades, events and situations where his friendly demeanor and compassion was welcome. 

I hope the finding is positive for him and, in any event, I just want to state publicly my admiration for his 25 years of tireless support for our community. No matter how the current investigation comes out, I, for one, want to thank him for what I have witnessed he has done for our community. Thanks.

Richard K. Colman

Audubon Lane

Halloween horror

To the Editor:

My house was lit up beautifully, with winking pumpkins, all lying in wait for the first of the hobgoblins to descend upon my habitual abode. I had so many different candies and scary bags of gummy worms and centipedes awaiting them, that I couldn’t wait for someone, or something to ring the doorbell. At first ding-dong, I threw open the door with abandon, and I was so startled, that I couldn’t think fast enough. It was like your worst nightmare manifesting itself before your very eyes.

Two kids, appearing much older and taller than your average trick or treaters, were costumed as terrorists. They were all dressed in black from head to toe, with burkas bandaged round their heads and faces, leaving only peep holes for their eyes, black gloves, black pants, shoes and tops, and dare I even mention the amazingly real looking guns they were wielding?! They looked exactly like the type of guns used by the Iraqis during the war. They didn’t speak, just sort of mumbled, and held out their pillow cases. For a moment I was terrified, just like they probably wanted me to be. After all, isn’t that what Halloween is really all about, scaring the beejeebies out of people? How did they know, or perhaps not know that we had lost two family members in 9/11? Did they think that what they were doing was funny, or were they just trying to remind us that they haven’t gone away? How and why did their parents even let them out of the house that way? Did they think it was funny? Did they think it was a form of free speech? Or, is sensitivity just not one of their strong suits?

I called the police to report it, fearing for the lives of these two pranksters, should they happen to ring the wrong doorbell, and find themselves staring down the barrel of a 12-gauge, with some elderly-fearful-and-on-the-brink-of-a-heart-attack-because-of-them-citizen, shaking at the other end. I immediately closed the blinds, and turned off the lights. I’ve never really cared for Halloween. I still don’t.

Dian Francesca Cuccinello

East Street

Magical movie night

To the Editor:

Carlisle Kids’ House (“CKH”) would like to thank all those who helped us host a successful “Movies on the Common.” Over 180 moviegoers bundled up for the chilly evening to watch one or both of our Halloween movies under the stars. We enjoyed seeing so many people from the Carlisle community having a good time with their families and friends.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Fletcher, Tilton & Whipple, P.C., for their generous cash donation. Public viewing licenses and movie equipment rentals are expensive, so their generosity helped make the event happen.

Thank you also to the Selectmen and First Religious Society for the use of the Common, to DPW for access to electricity, to the Mosquito for including us in the calendar listings, to the owners of local bulletin boards where we posted our flyers, to those who made donations to help us cover our costs, and to all the CKH volunteers who prepared advertising, made logistical arrangements, donated supplies, made hot chocolate, handed out glow sticks, served refreshments, cleaned up the Common on Saturday morning, and attended to all the other details necessary to make movie night happen.

CKH had a great time hosting this event for Carlisle. We look forward to seeing you at “CKH Movies on the Common” again next year.

Kelly J. Guarino

Maple Street


Carlisle Kids’ House Board of Directors

Halloween praise

To the Editor:

What a fantastic and magical night! Hundreds and hundreds of little and big kids turned out in the village center to celebrate Halloween after many had trick or treated in their local neighborhoods. Families dressed up; folks without kids sat in rocking chairs on the porch enjoying the sights. Kids laughed; kids cowered; kids clung to bags chock full of treats while adults caught up with friends. Of course, Halloween in the village center would not be possible without help. Please join us in thanking the Carlisle Police for providing crossing details, Carlisle Fire Department for the crossing spotlights, Carlisle Public Works for the cones and cleanup, Sandy, Whitney and Gardner Nash for candy distribution, all of the families for the phenomenally carved pumpkins put out on the rotary by Gardner Nash, Brendan Laughlin and Luke Anagnostopoulos, Mr. Handyman for his support, residents for the bags of candy (a record 300 this year!) and most importantly to the Center homeowners who graciously welcome the trick or treaters annually. Thank you! We had a blast!

Larry Bearfield

Robin Emerson

Ferns Country Store

Invitation to Children’s Meetinghouse Open House

To the Editors:

I am writing in support of my wonderful pre-school and to let members of our community know about our upcoming open house (Saturday, November 6). My children attend The Children’s Meetinghouse (TCM) on Lowell Road in Concord. I know that there are many excellent pre-school options close by and it is difficult to make a bad choice in this area, but TCM is an extraordinary choice.

I cannot say enough about the creative and nurturing environment at TCM. On any given day, my kids are learning scientific methodology, baking a special snack, participating in bi-weekly yoga sessions, heading to community theater events, producing their own theater, and experiencing art/building/creative play/outdoor play. One philosophical tenet of the school is to allow the students’ interests to influence the curriculum. So, for instance, last year, when a group of students expressed interest in dinosaurs, the teachers created a curriculum that incorporated science, literature, art and imaginative play. After students spent a month measuring bones, reading about dinosaurs, learning about their habits and attributes and finally creating models, they played the role of curators of a dinosaur exhibit. We, the parents, visited the exhibit and were given tours by the students/curators, who taught us everything we ever wanted to know about dinosaurs. It was stunning to see how excited the children were and how much they had learned in this creative and fun environment.

The staff is educated, experienced and passionate about children. My kids absolutely adore their teachers, but I also sense the love these teachers have for the children.

TCM is an excellent option for Carlisle families – in fact, nearly one half of the TCM families are from Carlisle. It is located at 1413 Lowell Road in Concord, across from the Middlesex School. If you have interest in the pre-school or infant/toddler programs, please visit our open house on Saturday, November 6, from 9 to 11 a.m. Children are welcome.

Alyson Becker

Prospect Street

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