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Friday, October 29, 2010

Planning Board Shorts, October 25

Greystone Crossing Conservation Cluster. George Dimakarakos of the engineering firm Stamski and McNary and developer William Costello spoke to the Planning Board on October 25 to request an amendment to the previously approved Special Permit for the Conservation Cluster off Cross Street. Repositioning of internal lot lines was requested in order to provide “better looking lots and better house placement.” Easier placement of driveways at the cul-de-sac at the end of Trillium Way was also cited. The board approved the request and also granted waivers for sections of its Conservation Cluster Rules and Regulations “not relevant to the amendment before them.” For example, the application fee was required but the project review fee was waived.

There is a 20-day appeal period on the changes approved by the board. An ANR (Approval Not Required) plan was endorsed by the board for Lots 11, 12, 13, and 14 on Trillium Way for the lot line changes.

Related to the development itself, Town Building Inspector John Luther called Costello’s attention to the General Bylaws regarding stockpiled material as it applies to a rock and soil pile visible from Cross Street. Section 8.7.3 states, “For stockpiling in excess of two thousand (2000) cubic yards, the material must be at least 50 feet from all street and lot lines.” Luther observed that the material appears to contain a lot of wood and might not be appropriate for septic system grading as has been the stated intent of the developer.

Chestnut Estates Open Space Parcel. In a memorandum dated October 25 the Planning Board reiterated its recommendation of September 9 to the Conservation Commission that agreement should be reached with the developer on a planting and restoration plan as soon as possible.

Chestnut Estates is a six-lot conservation cluster located at 400 Rutland Street (Map 36, Parcels 23 and 26). At the Planning Board meeting on July 19, Chair David Freedman cautioned the developer Lou Baldoumas, representing Rainbow Builders, that land that had been deeded to the town as conservation land cannot be encroached upon during any construction activities. Following up at the August 16 meeting, Freedman said that an August 2 field report from Nitsch Engineering (the board’s engineering consultants) indicated clearing and disturbance has been done in the conservation land.

In part the board’s memo states: “Although the Planning Board might have the authority to deny certification of completion of construction of this common driveway if no restoration is undertaken, that could be some months from now and a lot of additional grading and finishing may have been done by then . . . Since the Conservation Commission has the custody and care of this land [the conservation land] we believe you should take an active role in obtaining and approving this restoration plan.”

Hanover Hill Subdivision. Rob West, representing Wilkins Hill Realty, LLC, appeared before the board to discuss the possibility of the board waiving a portion of its Subdivision Rules and Regulations requiring granite monuments (markers) for the 35-lot subdivision on Westford Street. He said, “Monuments will happen, it is a question of when.” He said that of the 168 monuments involved he would like to defer on about 40 because they could be disturbed during subsequent work on individual lots. Related to this request he indicated a desire to bring the two roadways (Hanover Road and Johnson Road) before the spring Annual Town Meeting for approval as town roads thereby getting school bus and mail delivery service. When asked about sold lots, West said, “Four have been sold and three are in the pipeline.”

Before even considering the possibility the board suggested that West determine whether the development’s engineering firm of Stamski and McNary would “certify” the bounds and easements with only temporary markers in place, e.g. sections of rebar.

Skelton Road Common Driveway Hearing scheduled for November 8. A public hearing is scheduled for 7:45 p.m. to act on the petition of the Rachel Webster Elliott Trust to amend an existing Special Permit for a Common Driveway for land parcels located at 291 River Road and 121 Skelton Road. Plans may be reviewed at the Town Clerk’s office. ∆

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