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Friday, October 29, 2010

SBC shorts, Oct. 14

Gas under the plaza. After a gas leak on August 10, the gas company crimped the gas hose but “did not shut off the gas line,” said Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) Chair Lee Storrs in an email after the October 14 SBC meeting. Carlisle’s Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell will contact the gas company to request they turn off service on the school side of the plaza, he added.

The accidental leak occurred after an excavator hit a gas line between the Wilkins and Corey buildings, causing an evacuation of around 25 people during the summer. National Grid attempted to dig through the plaza concrete to shut off the gas but could not find the valve. Instead they crimped the hose at the leak site and added a second clamp. The gas line has been rerouted to behind the Wilkins Building but the original line under the plaza has not been shut off.

Storrs later explained that the gas line into the Wilkins Building is now fed by the new line. The old line is capped and unused, but still live and must be shut off before excavation can begin for the new building.

Storm Water Management Peer Review. The committee voted to accept a proposal from Places Associates Inc. to complete a storm water peer review, at a cost not to exceed $3,500. The company will review the plans for water run-off during storms. The SBC was directed by the Selectmen to contract for the peer review at their September 28 meeting (see “Selectmen approve Carlisle School building project site plan,” Carlisle Mosquito Friday, October 1).

Detention pond. Discussion was held regarding a water run-off detention pond which will be located on the school campus. As reported in the draft minutes, member Bill Fink expressed concern about having this type of pond on the campus. The committee discussed fencing the pond, and asked HMFH Architect Arthur Duffy to provide elevations of the detention pond so the committee can better visualize it. ∆

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