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Friday, October 22, 2010


Harvey Nosowitz is Greenough’s man for all seasons

What do an accomplished jazz percussionist, a lauded videographer and a senior litigation attorney have in common? They’re all Harvey Nosowitz, of Maple Street. He and his family live in a house overlooking Greenough Pond, of which he is the faithful chronicler. The toll to be paid at the front door (a belly scratch) is collected by a large golden retriever. ...more

Carlisle Comments: A country divided

The sense of crisis is real. We are doomed. Days before the election we hear the shouting everywhere. ...more

Carlisle Comments: A Lobster Tale

Rarely do I write about crustaceans, but an interesting or should I say amazing incident truly dictated this rumination. Thursday, September 16, was our 38th wedding anniversary, and we decided to go to the AKA Bistro in Lincoln. We had been there before and found it somewhat loud, but the food was good, and within a reasonable driving distance. Nowadays, distance ...more

Happy Trails: Hiking the Towle Land

Late fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the trails in Carlisle. The extensive trail network on the Towle Land provides a beautiful backdrop to view the foliage and, as the leaves fall, to view interesting rock and earth formations. At 20-25 acres, Towle Field is one of the largest open fields in Carlisle and is the most recognizable feature of the Towle parcel. ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Pied-billed grebe

A good three hours into our bird walk on the beautiful sunny morning of October 9, as some folks were starting to worry whether they would ever get home, our group spotted a small diving duck out toward the center of Greenough Pond. Well, it looked like a duck and swam like a duck, but in fact it wasn’t a duck. It was a Pied-billed Grebe (we soon spotted ...more

The mystery of the third Town Pound

On Westford Street by the new Hanover Street development is a stone structure – really just two walls – sitting opposite Cross Street. According to the newly completed Historic Properties Survey by Preservation Consultants Anne McCarthy Forbes and Gretchen G. Schuler, those walls are possibly what are left of the third Carlisle Town Pound. But determining ...more

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