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Friday, October 22, 2010

Board of Health shorts, Oct. 12

Food inspections yield positive feedback. Randy Phelps, a food inspector consultant to the Board of Health (BOH), reported at the October 12 board meeting on his review of public kitchen facilities, including those at town churches. He presented a written report to the board on each site. He did not find any serious violations that would require him to conduct a formal follow-up visit to any location. He found the most violations at the Carlisle Public School but these were minor in nature, one involving new hood cleaning requirements and the other with needed repairs to the dishwasher as its temperature was running too high on wash cycle (possibly resulting in baking foods on plates) and a pre-rinse setting adjustment. Phelps noted that he was impressed with the overall excellent conditions at Ferns, and found no violations there.

Complaints issued. BOH Agent Linda Fantasia reported that blasting and hoe-ram activity at Chestnut Estates near Cross Street on two consecutive days had led to an anonymous abutter complaint. The board asked Fantasia to continue working with the developer to identify ways to minimize the noise, such as positioning trucks on the site as noise barriers. Fantasia also reported on complaints about the odor from rows of manure at the Cranberry Bog. Fantasia will work with the Conservation Commission to investigate the veracity of a report of possible manure runoff via a brook into nearby wetlands (see “ConsCom shorts, October 14,” page 9).

Fee adjustment. The BOH unanimously supported increasing the fee for a failed septic system d-box inspection from $50 to $100 to cover the town costs, which include a minimum of half hour of consultant time plus mileage.

Greystone crossing lot-size changes. Three septic permits have expired at the Greystone development, and the BOH must see new septic plans for all these lots. Furthermore, the BOH will need to revisit the entire conservation cluster to ensure the lot-size changes do not affect setback parameters. This would also include a fourth lot with a septic permit still in place.

Sewer project loan. The BOH will apply to the state for a loan to assess the town’s viability for a public sewer system in the center of town. The board agreed that prior to conducting such a project, the state would need to offer the loan, the board would need to review financial implications, and the town would have to provide input.

• Rocky Point septic impact under review. BOH member Bill Risso volunteered to conduct analysis of water-meter readings and occupancy dates to provide an analysis of impact on the two septic systems at the site.

62 Lowell Street septic needs further review. The BOH requested a new Title V inspection paid for by the property owner due to a previous failure. The town engineering consultant Rob Frado had issued a non-compliance note due to a visible leaching-field infraction. Although the violation is no longer apparent to the naked eye, the BOH wants to ensure Title V compliance.

Oil-line regulations considered. The BOH continued its discussion from previous meetings on the 2011 state requirement for the installation of a safety valve or the actual encasement of all oil supply lines if they are located below septic tank level. The BOH will resume discussion at its next meeting.

Radio installation grant. The BOH received a $2,000 state grant to install equipment for two emergency radio sites, one at the Police Station and one at the school. The Police Station installation can take place as soon as possible, but the school installation will need to coordinate with the building project currently underway. ∆

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