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Friday, October 22, 2010

Town receives $93,000 in CPA matching grant

Carlisle has received $93,000 from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue in Community Preservation Act (CPA) matching funds, matching 27.2% of funds raised locally last year through the CPA 2% real estate tax surcharge. Since 2002, the town has received a total of $2,024,419 in CPA matching grants from the state.

Carlisle’s match shrinks

During the first years of the CPA program, the state provided 100% matching grants to all participating communities. However, the grant program is funded by Registry of Deeds and Land Court fees, which have declined during the real estate slump at the same time that more towns are participating in the CPA program. As a result, the percentage match has dropped for most communities.

However, towns that adopted a 3% CPA tax surcharge are eligible for additional funding. According to information on ((Community Preservation Act State Matching Funds) about half of the 142 participating communities have opted for the 3% surcharge and received additional rounds of funding. This year seven towns received a 100% match.

Last May Town Meeting approved $165,000 in CPA funding to restore the Cranberry Bog House, $50,000 to fund the salary for the Housing Coordinator, $15,000 for the Trails Committee and $5,000 for designing the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail.

CPA funds may be used for preservation of historic structures and landscapes, preservation of open space, public recreation and community housing. Applications are evaluated by the town’s Community Preservation Committee and projects endorsed by the committee are brought to Town Meeting for final approval. ∆

CPA Matching Funds to Carlisle

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