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Friday, October 22, 2010
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Chief Sullivan placed on leave pending investigation

BOGGED DOWN IN BERRIES. Last weekend workers harvested the cranberries grown on the town’s conservation land off Curve Street. Chris Duffy has a high perch as berries pour off the conveyer belt and fi ll the truck. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

Harvey Nosowitz is Greenough’s man for all seasons

What do an accomplished jazz percussionist, a lauded videographer and a senior litigation attorney have in common? They’re all Harvey Nosowitz, of Maple Street. He and his family live in a house overlooking Greenough Pond, of which he is the faithful chronicler. The toll to be paid at the front door (a belly scratch) is collected by a large golden retriever. ...more

Town departments may see small increase in FY12

The Finance Committee (FinCom) issued a letter last week asking each town department to prepare a FY12 budget assuming a 0% increase and another assuming a 2% increase. In a phone conversation Tuesday, Chair David Guarino said the FinCom wants to examine all possibilities, but a 2% increase across the board “looks doable without an override.” This would ...more

Ballot Question 2: Should Chapter 40B be repealed?

There are many good reasons to Vote No on Question 2. You can find most of them at: ...more

Town receives $93,000 in CPA matching grant

Carlisle has received $93,000 from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue in Community Preservation Act (CPA) matching funds, matching 27.2% of funds raised locally last year through the CPA 2% real estate tax surcharge. Since 2002, the town has received a total of $2,024,419 in CPA matching grants from the state. ...more

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