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Friday, October 15, 2010


Happy Trails: Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

For those who need an excuse to get out and enjoy the fresh air, why not take some time this week to celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week by exploring Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge — right here in Carlisle. Great Meadows is one of eight national wildlife refuges in eastern Massachusetts. Its 3,800 acres, most of it fresh-water wetlands, stretch ...more

Cultural Compass The Carlisle Artisans

O what a world of profit and delight
Is promis'd to the studious artizan ...more

Carlisle Comments Diagnosis

When I was little and crying about something only little ones can cry about, my dad would first assess the situation and when he had decided that the issue was in fact trivial, would say: "Why are you crying? You cry if you have cancer, you don't cry because your toy is broken, or you lost your hat or your brother is picking on you or... (insert any ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Beefsteak Mushroom

After a very dry summer, the rain finally came and with the rain the mushrooms. This week's topic is a meaty one, something to sink your teeth into. ...more

Green Corner The drive behind higher MPG

No matter what car we drive, we can easily control our gasoline use to help the environment as well as our pocketbook. U.S. oil production peaked in 1970, and by 2005 imports were twice the domestic production. Shortages and higher prices seem inevitable, so it's crucial that we control our consumption of this limited resource that also contributes to climate ...more

Around Home As the camera sees us

The mail last week included something unusual: an envelope containing photos. No email, no attachments, no link to a real envelope with real print photos inside. With the level of obsolescence that hard copy seems to have reached in my life, this was a rare occurrence. ...more

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