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Friday, October 15, 2010

Shorts from the CSC Oct. 5

Ģ Eighth-grade trip. Eighth-grade social studies teacher Michael Miller joined the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on October 5 to present plans for the 2011 eighth-grade trip to New York City. The same tour company would be used. Wed like to get it done on June 15 and 16, since June 20 is the last day of school [without snow days], he said. Tentative first-day plans are to take the students to the musical In the Heights, followed by dinner at Planet Hollywood, and a game show and dance that evening at the hotel. The kids absolutely love it every year, said Miller. The second day, he said, they could visit a modern art museum, and then cruise around the Statue of Liberty. We think it is an excellent trip and appropriate for what we want to do, said Miller.

Carlisle Parent Amy Coloian asked whether the school has considered taking the students to Washington, D.C., as the Concord middle school students do. Weve had this question many times before, replied CSC Chair Chad Koski. Our teachers take this time out of school and this is what they feel fits with what we do for our curriculum. Miller said that the New York City trip is more extensive than earlier trips to Western Massachusetts. Its been very successful in New York City and we can reasonably do it in a couple of days, he said. Washington D.C. would take four days. Koski said the committee will vote on the trip at the November CSC meeting.

Ģ Faculty Evaluation Plan. Superintendent Joyce Mehaffey shared with the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on October 5 a letter she had sent to the faculty outlining the Faculty Evaluation Plan for 2010 2011. She said the evaluation procedure contained no changes from the previous year. In the letter, she asked the staff to remember that your professional goals, finalized once you meet with your supervisor, should be aligned with the District Goals and with your Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP). Teachers can elect to participate in the Peer Observation Program every other year if they have taught in Carlisle for five years. Teachers in the full evaluation cycle are observed twice in the classroom. Each observation includes a pre-observation meeting, a formal observation, a post-observation meeting and written feedback, Mehaffey wrote.

Ģ Policy Review. The committee reviewed the following policies: Homeless Students (#08.12.2007), Pregnant Students (#08.11.2007), Kindergarten and First Grade Entrance Policy (#05.01.1995), and Residency (#05.02.1998). Assistant to the Superintendent Claire Wilcox said that the first two policies are new. We are required to have both. She said there are no changes to the other two policies. They both have been in effect for a very long time and served the school well. We didnt see anything that needed to be changed. Koski said they would vote on the policies at the next meeting.

Ģ Savings with natural gas contract. Business manager Susan Pray said the school just signed a three year gas contract which locks in a very low price, she said. She estimated the savings would be approximately 20% of what was budgeted this year.

Ģ Votes. The CSC voted to appoint Mehaffey as Carlisles representative to the Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Board of Directors.

Ģ Citizens comments. Parent Susan Yelle said she would have liked the phrase inclusive school to be part of the CSCs goals. Koski replied, I like to think that we always keep that as a goal. Parent Alex Krapf suggested that the committee hold more discussions on issues before holding votes. Koski replied that the committee usually waits until a subsequent meeting before voting, unless an item is urgent.

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