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Friday, October 15, 2010

Superintendent Mehaffey presents goals

At the October 10 Carlisle School Committee meeting Superintendent Joyce Mehaffey discussed her goals for the school year. In addition, she presented updated school goals for the committee's review.

Mehaffey has five "overarching goals" for the year:

1. To monitor the school building project for safety

2. To ensure a smooth transition with the new administrative team

3. To finalize the procedure for staff evaluations; to conduct curriculum reviews including the science curriculum

4. To develop the FY12 school budget

5. To fulfill mandates for anti-bullying programs.

Regarding bullying, member Louis Salemy asked how the school can control what students do on the computer at home, such as posting on Facebook. "We can't control how students post,"Mehaffey explained, but if the posting causes issues on the school campus the administration can deal with it. Salemy said the best deterrent parents have is to be added as a friend to their child's Facebook site.

Carlisle School goals

Mehaffey presented the following district goals:

1. Provide a rich curriculum in order to maximize student learning

2. Build a community of respect in a safe and healthy learning environment

3. Integrate technology

4. Meet space needs and manage the resources of the Carlisle Public Schools

5. Develop effective teacher evaluation tools

Salemy said he thought the district goals "were very well done and easy to measure." He suggested using the district goals as a metric for evaluating Mehaffey's performance. Chair Chad Koski said that the committee will vote on the district goals at the next meeting.

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