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Friday, October 15, 2010

Highland on hold until spring

Highland Stabilization Committee member Bob Stone addressed the October 12 Selectmen’s meeting. Indicating that he did not have a formal presentation, he said, “I’m here to answer questions rather than give an update.” Selectman Doug Stevenson asked: “What is happening?” Stone responded, “The committee has decided to defer actual project work until next summer.” He said that the committee is recasting the bid package to “make it more attractive to general contractors.” He said, “It is a complicated little project and the bid package will go out in January.” He said that, in his opinion, one flaw in the prior package was making the lead paint abatement a part of the painting subcontract. “The first bid (for painting) was $149,000 which we rejected. The second bid was $87,000, and also rejected.”

By taking lead paint removal out of the subcontract he felt that more responsive bids would be received. By deferring actual work until summer the added complication of doing work on an occupied site will be avoided. Stone concluded by saying, “Construction prices are not escalating (at this time). It will cost $1,000 to redo the bid package.” ∆


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