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Friday, October 15, 2010

LWV sponsors candidate forums

To the Editor:

In November, voters in Carlisle will see more contested races than usual on the ballot, a development the League of Women Voters applauds. With choice, however, comes responsibility. Voters seeking the best candidate for each office need opportunities to get to know the candidates and their positions. The Concord-Carlisle League is holding two Candidate Forums in October to help voters make their choices.

October 16 Congressional Candidates Forum: On Saturday, October 16, at 3 p.m. in the Alcott School Auditorium in Concord (93 Laurel St.), the four candidates for U.S. Congress (Dale E. Brown, Bob Clark, Jon Golnik and Niki Tsongas) will appear on stage. Please bring all your friends who live in the 5th Congressional District. The candidates will make brief statements and answer written questions from the League and the audience.

October 20 State Legislative Candidates Forum: On Wednesday, October 20, at 7:30 p.m., again in the Alcott School Auditorium, the candidates for our state legislature will meet. Susan Fargo and Sandi Martinez are running for State Senator (3rd Middlesex District), and Cory Atkins and K.C. Winslow are running for State Representative (14th Middlesex District). They will speak and answer written League and audience questions.

Voters, your choices in November will affect the direction of our state and national governments, so please get the information you need to make good decisions. For forum details visit or call 1-978-254-1598.

Cindy Nock, Vice President
League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle

Supports Niki Tsongas

To the Editor:

Our diverse Congressional District needs a Representative with knowledge and skills equal to addressing our varied concerns. I’m enthusiastically giving my vote to Niki Tsongas.

Tsongas has traveled throughout the district, talking with constituents about current issues. Her purpose, as she says when asked why she is running, is “to address our most primary problems today and leave those who follow a better future.”

She supports the health care bill that will cover all Americans (including thousands of currently uninsured children with pre-existing conditions), that will gradually reduce the deficit, and will extend Medicare’s solvency while lowering costs for Medicare and seniors and improving benefits. Yes, it will require uninsured people to “buy” insurance, but I understand most people will be able to receive financial help for that purpose.

Tsongas, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has visited our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and in Walter Reed Army Hospital. She has written legislation for developing lightweight body armor for our troops, and has urged funding for improving treatment of combat-caused PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

As a member of the Budget Committee, Tsongas has worked to reduce the deficit. She favors guaranteeing that financial firms have tools through which to grow the economy without creating another crisis. Tsongas has also filed legislation giving tax breaks to small businesses. She supports tax cuts for the middle class but not for the wealthy, protecting consumers from greedy credit card companies, and developing alternative energy to protect the environment and create jobs.

Have you noticed those new political TV ads paid for by organizations you’ve never heard of? Last February, Tsongas introduced an act that, if passed, would have prevented federally funded organizations from using taxpayer money for such ads. Tsongas’s opponent, who spent nearly nine years in Massachusetts without registering to vote, supports that use of federal funds.

Tsongas knows how Congress functions, from her own experience and that of her late husband, Paul, who served there as well. We need to let her continue to work for us in the Fifth District.

Nancy Garden
Ember Lane

House tour homes sought

To the Editor,

Every two years the Carlisle School Association sponsors “Through the Doors of Carlisle” a house tour of homes in Carlisle. Monies raised from the House Tour support teacher grants that are not funded through the operational budget. Our next Tour is May 20, 2011, and we are looking for homes in Carlisle. If you would like to recommend your own home or recommend a home in the community, the committee would love to have your suggestions. We are looking for all types of homes. Whether the home is small or large, contemporary or antique, traditional or unusual we would love to hear from you.

Please send your recommendations to

Thank you for your help,

Gail Bernardin
Mary Beth Stevenson
Amy Versaggi
Co-Chairs 2011 House Tour

Invitation to see “Tapped” on water quality

To the Editor:

Life in the Balance will kick off its 2010-11 activities with a free screening of “Tapped” on Friday night, October 22, 7 p.m., at the Alcott School in Concord (93 Laurel Sreet). Everyone should see this award-winning documentary, which examines water and who controls it by focusing on the process of manufacturing bottled water. The screening is Part 1 of a two-part program we are calling “Troubled Waters.”

A group from Carlisle and Concord saw “Tapped” in September, and here is a sampling of their comments:

After seeing this movie, I want to know much more about our own water, where it comes from, and who is tapping into it.

I’m rethinking my own water use habits now….

“Tapped” really opened my eyes to the true costs of bottled water.

I left “Tapped” with Joni Mitchell’s words in my head: “…you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

I hope that everyone who cares about the availability and quality of our water supply will join me for a Friday night movie on October 22, and please bring your friends. See you at the Alcott School auditorium.

This free event is co-sponsored by the Concord-Carlisle League of Women Voters, Carlisle Climate Action, ConcordCAN and Alliance for Democracy, North Bridge chapter. You may call 1-978-254-1598 or 1-978-369-6305 for more info, and the film website is

Barbara Lewis
East Riding Drive
For the Life in the Balance: Troubled Waters Planning Committee

Thanks for the School Garden and Composting Project

To the Editor:

Thank you to the 40 plus volunteers who participated in our Carlisle School Build the Garden Beds and Compost Bin Work Project on Sunday, October 10. A contingent of volunteers will be working to complete the work on Monday, October 11, but we’re almost there thanks to the hard work of Sunday’s crew. I’m very happy to report that this is one construction project that will be coming in under budget and ahead of schedule.

Space constraints won’t allow individual recognition of all volunteers in this letter. The work party was an incredible multigenerational gathering of students, parents and community members working side by side to get the job done. Ages ranged from pre-K student, Gretchen Hedlund, wielding a tot sized shovel to dig in with the rest of us, on up. We even had a contingent of four students who’d read about the work project on the Internet and wanted to help and learn through hands-on experience how to recreate a similar program in their district.

A special thank you is in order for Crew Team Leaders, Randy Brown and Bob Webster, for their time and hard work rounding up supplies, cutting wood to size and constructing bin/bed parts off-site in advance of the work day.

Sincere thanks also to Bob Webster for his contribution of white pine, to Katherine Endicott and Leslie Thomas of Sweet Autumn Farm for their contribution of high grade compost, to Concord Lumber for providing deep discounts for purchased wood and hardware, and to John Bakewell for hauling donated compost to the site. The project team would also like to acknowledge and thank Cindy Mottershead for creating a project website – launched on 10/10/10 – for the most current information about the project:

The dream of creating the Carlisle School Organic Garden and Composting Project could not be realized without the participation of so many. It is particularly gratifying for project team members to see that bringing the garden and composting program to life has become a community-wide effort. Thank you all for that.

Launa Zimmaro
Carlisle School Garden and Composting Project Team Facilitator
Lowell Street


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