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Friday, October 8, 2010


STORM DAMAGE. Tree trunks blocked West Street after the storm on Friday, October 1. According to Evan McGlinn, power was out in the area for about eight hours. (Photo by Evan McGlinn)

CAMPAIGN EVENT. Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Jon Golnik of Elizabeth Ridge Road spoke to supporters at Center Park on Saturday, October 2.
(Photo by Jane Hamilton)

POPPING THE QUESTION. Carlisle Cub Scouts offer popcorn for sale outside Ferns on Saturday. Shown are (left to right): Jack McGlinn, Cris and Alex Li, pack leader Jeff Stutz, Sammy Bigiotta and Zach Clark.
(Photo by Jane Hamilton)

NONLINEAR HOME DESIGN. A wasp nest in a tree near Sunset Road is a study in curves. (Photo by Marjorie Johnson)

BIRD’S-EYE VIEW. A Red-Tailed Hawk perches on the sign at the Spencer Brook Reservation conservation land on West Street. (Photo by Pam Ziehler)


LOCAVORES’ DELIGHT. Gabor Miskolczy (right) and Marcia Wallhagen help
themselves to the delicious local and organically grown foods at the community
potluck held in Union Hall on October 1. (Photo by Marjorie Johnson)



Guitar Hero players and spectators are (left to right) Eric Giniger, Nathan Doucette, Ethan Chou, Ryan
Bishop, Alan Ruan, Tim West, Evan Margarychoff, Owen Schmidt and Quinn Caffrey.

Sixth graders Erica Chin (left) and Sarah Fry are ready to play ping-pong.


Checkers and checkmate. Checkers players (left to right) are Catie Ramnarine, Julia Fritz-Endres, Anna Stringham and Megan Jones. Playing chess in the background are Eric Giniger (left) and Aris Martinian.

Enjoying themselves are (left to right) eighth-graders Rachel Bratton, Catherine Tice, Katelin Bishop, Grace Hantzis and Ellie Blue.

Shooting hoops are (left to right) Sergio Pascual, Spencer Ridick, Spencer Tonies, Sam Costanza, Nick Yelle, Bobby Joyce and Matt Shenton.

TOGA PARTY. Members of the Gleason Library’s teen advisor group TOGA include (left to right) Anna Stringham, Kate Doucette, Catie Ramnarine, Rholee Xu, Deedy Chang, Karen Chen, Nathan Doucette, Juliette Carr and Kirsten Paze. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)


ROCK OR FROG? (Photo by Thierry Copie)

TEEN TREATS. At the October 1 TOGA (Teens of Gleason Advisors) meeting, (left to right) Kirsten Paze and Juliette Carr proudly display the cupcakes they decorated. TOGA members meet once a month to plan teen programs at the Gleason Public Library. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)





























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