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Friday, October 8, 2010

Child hit in Gleason Library lot

It could have happened to anyone and it did happen to someone returning a book at the outside bin at the Gleason Library late last Wednesday afternoon. When the driver stepped out of the driver’s seat on the front left side of the car to put the returned book in the bin, her granddaughter, a school-age child believed to be safely sitting in the back seat, opened the rear right car door, got out, and walked around the back of the car, possibly to assist with the book return. She was not seen by her grandmother, who got back in the driver’s seat and released the brake. The car rolled back and ran over the child’s foot. An ambulance was called and the child was taken to Emerson Hospital.

Although the injury was not critical, it is a reminder that accidents happen and can occur when adults are acting responsibly. Young children are often too low to be captured by a rear view mirror. The child in this case was of middle-school age, but much younger children can let themselves out of a parked car. Very young kids can get out of booster seats.

The library and school parking lots are busy, and simple safety routines make for good accident prevention. Lt. Leo Crowe agreed that just checking that passengers were seated and strapped in before turning the engine on would be a safe place to start. ∆

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