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Friday, October 8, 2010

Shorts from the Regional School Committee, Sept. 29

Enhancements to the Freshmen Orientation Day. For the last few years, freshmen have come to campus a day before classes start to participate in team-building activities, to meet teachers and fellow students and to get to know the lay-out of the high school. This year, a new dimension was added, Freshman Advisory. Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Principal Peter Badalament described the new program at the Regional School Committee on September 29. Freshmen now have upper-class leaders they can talk to during monthly meetings focused on topics such as co-curricular activities and goal-setting. Badalament thanked CCHS teacher Brian Miller and counseling secretary Jill Tracy for organizing the day and adding to the program. Feedback to RSC members has all been very positive.

World Challenge Expeditions. English teacher Kate Richmond took five students on a month-long adventure to Madagascar over the summer. The trip included three national parks and a community service project. Senior Eleanor (Nell) Briggs said the trip “was amazing.” The group camped most of the time. The scenery was varied and beautiful. Lemurs joined them at their campsites. The group helped to build a latrine for their community service project which consisted of two bathrooms and two showers. Briggs explained they used bricks made locally. “[The bricks were] just dirt and water, very basic…We got to know the people [of the village], especially the kids. They were always running around.” Briggs explained there was no running water and no electricity. It was a five-minute walk to get water. The group also observed local customs and traditions. Richmond said the trip was an amazing opportunity for students. “It challenged them emotionally and physically and gave them time to reflect.”

Richmond is planning another 30-day trip with World Challenge Expeditions in the summer of 2012 to Tanzania. She hopes to recruit ninth and tenth graders for the coming trip. “The trip is expensive. The security is vast.” The trip to Madagascar was $7,300. She expects students to raise money over the next two years and come together as a team before leaving. The RSC voted to approve planning for the next trip.

Kicks for Cancer. Student Advisory Council representative Sophie Gechijian reported that over 1,000 people came to watch the Kicks for Cancer soccer game, where $15,000 was raised for Dana Farber Institute in Boston.

Fundraiser. RSC Chair Louis Salemy announced the Concord Education Fund annual fund-raiser will be held on November 13. Last year, tickets sold out in a few hours. This year it will be held in a larger venue.

Teachers praised. Badalament praised math teacher Peter Atlas for his promotion to BC Calculus Exam Leader for the College Board. He explained that Atlas will be vetting questions for the exam. This position is usually held by a college professor. “We are very proud of Peter.”

CCHS art teachers Joe Pickman and David Prifti have both received medals because the art of so many of their students has gone on to the national level. Badalament explained that the path to national recognition has started with the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards. ∆

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