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Friday, October 8, 2010

Board of Appeals shorts, Oct. 4

At Monday night’s meeting, the Zoning Board of Appeals granted April Stone and Michael Epstein of 57 Spencer Brook Lane a special permit to extend their south and forest-facing mudroom by approximately 80 square feet on their non-conforming property. This extension would place their home 32 feet away from the property line, just below the lawful limit of 40 feet. According to Stone, she and Epstein met with neighbors and all were supportive of the construction. Furthermore, Stone said Building Inspector John Luther, who was not present for the hearing, said that this project was minor and would not create an impact to the neighborhood.

In other ZBA business, ZBA Chairman Kevin Smith raised concern over the property next to Ferns and across from the Gleason Library on Bedford Road, which appeared in a previous Carlisle Mosquito real estate advertisement and is now being offered for sale. Smith said the language in the ad stated that the structure came “complete with approvals from the ZBA and the Historical Commission.” However, the board was not sure if the statement was accurate. The hearing on that property took place back in 2006 and the ZBA granted a special permit. However, no one on the present ZBA board was aware if a building permit was ever issued. If a building permit had been issued, then the special permit granted by the ZBA would still be valid. ∆

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