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Friday, October 1, 2010

CCHS bus manager replaced

Concord-Carlisle School Superintendent Diana Rigby has announced the replacement of school Transportation Manager Spyros Saucier. The Concord Transportation Office is responsible for transporting students to the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), Concord Public Schools, Nashoba Brooks School and Fenn School. After repeated problems with the school buses Rigby told parents in an email, “We are continuing to work on the bus problems. I apologize for the ongoing inconvenience.”

Contacted later, she explained that Saucier “was replaced by Wayne Busa, a long-time bus driver and Concord business owner, and John Area, interim transportation coordinator.” Area has also worked as a bus driver. The interim positions will last for the year.

The troubles began last summer when historic information about bus routes was deleted. The district has been scrambling to reconstruct the system, which included information about local route modifications due to traffic hazards. For instance, students living close to school would not be required to walk if they had to cross Route 2. As a result of the lost information, routes were altered and students missed buses, some students were mistakenly put on walk lists and bus schedules had to be repeatedly adjusted. Initially the district reduced the number of buses in use, but after discovering the problem, has hired additional bus drivers. The latest problem came after a new schedule was put into effect on Friday, September 24. Families affected by the change were not notified in advance and some students missed the bus due to the schedule change. “The former transportation manager was directed to personally contact via phone all families with any bus changes,” explained Rigby in an email, “and I’m sorry that it didn’t happen.”

It was reported at the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee meeting on September 28 that students are now arriving on time. Deputy Superintendent John Flaherty said the system is “resuming normalcy.”

Rigby asks families with concerns to contact Busa at 1-978-318-1433. The new schedule is posted at ∆

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