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Friday, October 1, 2010

Carlisle School scores high on MCAS

Carlisle School students performed well on the MCAS tests, performing higher than 90% of all schools except for third-grade Reading, fifth-grade Math and Science and eighth-grade English. Superintendent/Principal Joyce Mehaffey said she was pleased with the students’ results on the current MCAS test, “Overall we did really well.” However, she noted that the eighth-grade Science test is still challenging. Students are tested on Science in fifth grade and then again in eighth grade. The eighth-grade test is cumulative, she said, so students are required to recall science knowledge from many years. Many schools found the grade 8 Science test challenging. Even though 31% of Carlisle eighth-graders received a score of Needs Improvement or Warning, the result in Science was better than 95% of the schools in the state.

Table 1 groups the overall performance for students receiving Advanced and Proficient or Needs Improvement (NI) or Warning scores. The percentile shows the percent of schools ranking below Carlisle.

Table 2 compares Carlisle’s performance on the eighth grade MCAS tests to seven comparable towns. Carlisle ranked first for Math and English, but sixth for Science.

Table 3 lists Carlisle’s MCAS data for the past three years.

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