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Friday, September 24, 2010

Personnel Board discusses COLA

The Personnel Board discussed the FY11 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for town employees during their meeting on September 16. Town Administrator Tim Goddard said that the Finance Committee would like input on the COLA “as soon as the board is comfortable providing it.” He suggested the board discuss it and make a recommendation at their October meeting. “It’s our recommendation for what we would like to see . . . for our town employees,” he added.

New board member Sandy Savage asked, “Is this the only time this board is involved in compensation?” Chair JoAnn Driscoll replied, “It’s the only time we are directly involved in the budget.” She explained that the COLA is a percentage cost of living increase across the board, for all non-contractual, non-school, municipal employees. Last year’s increase was 2%, Goddard told the board, and 2.5% the prior year. The board asked Goddard for guidance and he said he would survey comparable communities. Savage asked, “Has there ever been a zero COLA?” Goddard replied that there has not. ∆

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