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Friday, September 24, 2010

Personnel Board to move on requests from Gleason Library, COA

New members fi ll out the Personnel Board. Shown (left to right) are: Diane Makovsky, Town Administrator Tim Goddard, Sandy Savage, JoAnn Driscoll and Mark Hersey. Missing is Laurel Ostrom. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

While not ready to vote, the Personnel Board indicated at their September 16 meeting that they plan to approve requests for increases in hours, salary grades and positions for both the Gleason Library and the Council on Aging (COA). Both organizations came before the board during the summer to present their requests and both were asked to bring additional details to the September meeting. While the board felt positive about approving the requests, they asked for one month’s delay so that they could review the town’s salary grade levels.

Library request – increase positions, support

New board member Diane Makovsky welcomed Gleason Library Director Angela Mollet to the meeting. Mollet came armed with “before and after” organizational charts, job descriptions, retention costs, succession plans and information on the impact the changes would make to the budget. She is proposing three changes: to create the positions of Senior Librarian at grade 7 or grade 8, and Assistant to the Director at grade 3, and to increase the salary grade level of Staff Librarian from grade 5 to grade 6. She explained the goal is to improve the retention of library personnel by offering greater advancement possibilities.

New board member Sandy Savage praised Mollet, saying, “All this work you have done, including the previous meeting, and all this documentation, it makes a lot of sense. You have put together a solid, rational request.” The only question, she added, “is how it relates to other folks” on the town’s grade chart. “It makes sense to me,” said board member Mark Hersey, who joined in May. Chair of the Board JoAnn Driscoll asked, “Any further action?” Town Administrator Tim Goddard replied, “It’s a homework thing.” He said he would look at the positions and reconcile where the salary grades fall in relation to other positions in the town. “This will be an item for the next meeting,” said Savage. Mollet said she hoped to have all changes in place by 2012 at the latest.

COA request – raise grade level for Outreach Coordinator

The COA came with two requests relating to the position of Outreach Coordinator: to re-grade the position and to have the grade level change be retroactive to July 1. At the previous meeting, the board approved an increase of hours from 26 to 30 but did not act on re-grading the position. The COA provided a job description to support the grade level change. Savage said, “We need to determine whether this job is at a different level.” She said, “For the next meeting we’ll look at grades 3 and 4” and review the library request.

Hersey apologized that the board did not yet have final answers at this meeting. Savage added that the COA Outreach Coordinator increase should be retro-active to July.The board set a tentative meeting date of October 21. ∆

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