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Friday, September 24, 2010

Housing Authority shorts, Sept.9

Benfield project. The Housing Authority voted on September 9 to send letters received in support of the Benfield Farms project to Tina Brooks, undersecretary at the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. The letters were written to demonstrate community support for the project, as it enters this first funding round for low-income tax credits from the federal government. Senator John Kerry, U.S. Rep. Nikki Tsongas, State Senator Susan Fargo, State Rep. Corey Atkins, the Board of Selectmen, the Housing Authority, the Council on Aging and local churches wrote in support of the project.

According to Carlisle Housing Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett, there are currently 84 Carlisle residents on the waiting list for Benfield Farms, as well as nine people from out of town.

Volunteers needed. The Housing Authority seeks a new member to finish off Michael Holland’s appointed term ending in May. Chair Alan Lehotsky called the opening a good way to get started in town government, without having to commit to a five-year term or be elected.

Carlisle School site plan. Barnett expressed concern with a number of potential health hazards surrounding earth-moving and recycled cement or wood fill leaking harmful chemicals on the school grounds. The board was split on this issue and decided not to respond as a group, but as individuals.

Village Court expansion. The board sees the proposal to tie the Village Court elderly housing and the Gleason Library into the Carlisle School wastewater treatment plant as “phase zero of a Village Court expansion,” to quote Lehotsky. The project is estimated to cost $500,000 and the Board of Health is applying for possible state financing, which would offer a low-interest 2% loan payable over 20 years.

Liaison. New Finance Committee member Kevin Perkins introduced himself as the new representative to the Housing Authority.

40B on the ballot. Lehotsky mentioned that there would be a question on the November state election ballot about repealing Chapter 40B (see ballot initiatives, page 16). The Housing Authority discussed the likelihood that funding would become precarious, but the Benfield project would still happen if 40B were repealed.

Affordable Housing Production. The Housing Production Plan Committee joined the Housing Authority to discuss the plan (available online at the Housing Authority website).∆

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