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Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet the Carlisle School’s new faculty

Carlisle School’s teaching staff has moved around a bit within the school and six new faces are gracing the halls (see interviews below). Former fourth-grade teacher Liz Gray moved to sixth grade Language Arts, former fifth-grade teacher Kendra Katz moved to fourth grade, former Math Specialist Liz Perry moved to fifth grade and Mimi Gleason, who was job-sharing with Jen Reinhard, will be teaching fifth grade full time this year. Superintendent Joyce Mehaffey said the school is advertising for a math specialist. “A couple of candidates were interviewed,” she said, but they went to other districts. “They wanted their own classroom,” she explained. She said the school is also looking for a middle school aide and for substitute teachers.

The Mosquito asked the new teachers to tell us a little about themselves. They were also asked to think about a wish list of supplemental school supplies for their classrooms as they start out their school year. Anyone interested in making a donation should contact the individual teacher.

Aria Niemierko

Current position: Third-grade teacher.

Previous experience: First-grade teacher at Spaulding Memorial in Townsend.

Education: B.A. English, M.A. Elementary Education, UMass, Amherst.

Reason for change: Work closer to home.

Hobbies: Triathlons, cooking, reading, hiking, walking her dog.

Classroom needs: Books, especially non-fiction, including science books.

Why pick Carlisle? Niemierko chose to apply to Carlisle School “because of its reputation for being a great school system,” she said. She has been going through a lot of change this year, she added: getting married, honeymooning in Greece, moving to Framingham and now a new job. “The kids are fantastic,” she said, of her students. The third-grade teachers “are lovely people.” She said she has met several parents, “The parents are really kind.”

Tim Sheehan

Current position: Fourth-grade teacher.

Previous experience: Second-grade, Amherst school system.

Education: UMass, Amherst – B.A. psychology; M.A. Elementary Education.

Reason for change: Wanted to live closer to Boston.

Hobbies: Hiking, museums.

Classroom needs: Books and games appropriate for fourth grade.

Why pick Carlisle? Sheehan said he chose Carlisle because of the professional opportunity. “It’s challenging and stimulating,” he said. “The kids are capable,” he added, and he is excited about the depth of the curriculum. “The first week has been wonderful,” he said. “I have a great class.” He said he met a few parents, and feels welcomed to the town.

Kristy Hartono

Current position: English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher.

Previous experience: ELL Teacher, Newton Public Schools.

Education: B.A. Elementary Education, Lesley University; M.A. English as Second Language, Eastern Nazarene College, Language Education, Boston University.

Reason for change: Took a year off from working to be with her son.

Hobbies: Badminton, reading, theatre.

Classroom needs: Portable white board, student computer.

Why pick Carlisle? Hartono said she and her husband have been coming to Carlisle for three years to play in the Carlisle Recreation Adult Badminton Club, so she was thrilled to see the opening at the school. Her first week has been pleasant, she said. She was surprised and pleased that Superintendent Joyce Mehaffey greeted her in her classroom. “I’ve never had a Superintendent visit before,” she said. Helping students with the academic language “will be a challenge,” she said, “because everyone is excelling here.” She enjoys working with her peers and says she is looking forward to offering teacher training in ELL. She hopes parents will come to her classroom during the September 30 open house, “Visit me!”

Michele Petteruti

Current position: School Psychologist – PreK and kindergarten.

Previous experience: Marblehead and Sharon Elementary Schools.

Education: B.A. Psychology, Brown University; M.A. School Psychology, Tufts University.

Reason for change: She was home with her two children, who are now ages 5 and 2 1/2.

Hobbies: Reading, walking, singing, kayaking, playing with her kids.

Classroom needs: Counseling games and materials, preschool books on social and emotional issues.

Why pick Carlisle? Petteruti applied for a part-time position in Lincoln but it turned out to be full time. While she was pursuing that job she learned of the position in Carlisle. “It’s nice being here,” she said. “It’s friendly and welcoming.” She said she has met some parents during the preschool lemonade party. She has enjoyed spending time in the classrooms and looks forward to forming student friendship groups.

Beth Smith-Peterson

Current position: Kindergarten Teacher.

Previous experience: Full-time substitute teacher, Carlisle School.

Education: B.A. Early Childhood Education, Minor in Music, Ohio University, Ohio; M.A. in Education, concentration Literature, Lesley University.

Reason for change: Full-time opening in Carlisle due to a faculty member being granted a one-year leave.

Hobbies: Cooking, music (she has a minor in flute), swimming, skiing.

Classroom needs: Poster-size post-it notes to capture students’ ideas.

Why pick Carlisle? “I grew up in Carlisle,” said Smith-Peterson. She said when she learned of the opening, “I just had to apply.” She says she understands that in Carlisle, “the school is a huge part of the community.” She says she loves teaching and “I love the kids I work with.” The challenge for her, she said, is that she is starting fresh this year instead of stepping in as a substitute. “I accept that I will be here until 5 p.m. every day getting things ready.”

Lianne McCann

Current position: Speech and Language teacher, part time.

Previous experience: Speech and Language, Harvard Public School, part time.

Education: B.A. Communication Disorders, M.A. Speech and Language Pathology, Worcester State College; Ph.D. Speech and Language Pathology, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Reason for change: To add more work hours (two part-time jobs).

Hobbies: Crossword puzzles, Scrabble, taking walks around Walden Pond.

Classroom needs: Always could use some more facial tissues.

Why pick Carlisle? McCann worked at the Carlisle School as a Speech and Language Pathologist for the CASE collaboration in 1997, so she is familiar with Carlisle. She lives in Concord and says she has a “beautiful ride to work.” When asked what she needed in her classroom she said she is very impressed by the materials already in place. “It is very well equipped,” she said. She said her students like stories about her dog, Shawn. “I’m enjoying getting to know the students and staff,” she said. “I’m enjoying the positive attitudes and energy here.” ∆

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