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Friday, September 24, 2010

Support for Jon Golnik

To the Editor:

Carlisle’s own, Jon Golnik, is the Republican Congressional candidate in the Massachusetts 5th district. This is indeed very exciting for Carlisle! We have an opportunity to not only elect one of our own to the U.S. Congress, but also legitimately affect the direction of the country. As our Congressman, we can trust Jon to be engaged and drive the necessary change in Washington to create jobs, strengthen the economy, keep us safe and secure, improve healthcare and adhere to the Constitution. Jon Golnik is the candidate to do this!

I have known Jon and his family for almost ten years. He is a loyal and loving husband, father, brother and son. He has dedicated his life to ensure that they will all thrive.

Jon is extremely intelligent, well- informed and successful in business and his life. His roots in currency trading and running small businesses have brought to him a heightened awareness of the economic, political and social variables that can directly or indirectly affect all our lives. I’m constantly amazed at the breadth and depth of his knowledge and his ability to converse with people with different views and backgrounds. His abilities to listen and seek to understand are contagious attributes. These attributes serve well for lively and persuasive debates. You can count on Jon to bring his intelligence and experience to the debate in Washington. In fact, I’m confident he will not only engage in the debate, but also drive it. He will work tirelessly with others to help them better understand the truly relevant issues and practical solutions. He will not compromise on job creation, smaller government, fiscal spending control, education, the economy, security and the Constitution.

Jon has built a solid organization to win this race. He is working tirelessly to communicate his message and ultimately win this race. Please join me in congratulating Jon and supporting him to get his message out to the entire Massachusetts 5th District.

Tim Blunt

Cross Street

Restorative Justice celebrates its tenth year

To the Editor:

Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ) celebrates its tenth year partnering with police departments and community volunteers so those who have been hurt by crime are heard and comforted, and those who have offended become accountable. The healing circles bring together those who have been hurt with those who did the harm, along with community members and police. This is the missing link in our criminal justice system. This year C4RJ has received over 100 cases from local departments, and as we expand into new communities this number will continue to increase. The 112 current volunteers do the lion’s share of the work with victims and offenders, cutting the overhead expenses.

I hope you will join me and show support for Communities for Restorative Justice, by shopping on Saturday, September 25, at Debra’s Natural Gourmet in West Concord on Commonwealth Avenue anytime between 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Debra, an advocate for the program, is generously donating 5% of all purchases that day to this program.

If you are a devotee of this yummy natural organic food, the lovely crafts, food-to-go and more, make a long list of staples and shop away. If you have never been to the store, by all means come support the local retailer, who knows how to help you make healthy choices. We will be outside ready to welcome you to Debra’s and share some of our good work with you. If you have any questions, please contact

Barbara Howland

North Road

Thanks from Carlisle School Garden and Composting Project

To the Editor:

The members of the Carlisle School Garden and Composting Project Team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many community members who supported the project by attending the Flatbread Pizza Benefit on Tuesday, September 14.

The event was an overwhelming success as a kick-off for the project and as a fundraiser. The Flatbread Company’s generous contribution of $584.50 from pizza sales and cash donations from attendees of $94 resulted in a truly grand total of $678.50. That’s a lot of “dough!”

Serving locally sourced, organic produce, Flatbread Company was a natural choice, but the event wouldn’t have been possible without Flatbread’s commitment to community service, an integral part of the company’s approach to doing business.

Both a special “thank you” to those families who waited patiently for a table and an apology to those families with younger children or later commitments who wanted to take part, but had to leave due to the long wait, are in order. Apparently, Flatbread Company didn’t anticipate the high volume of take-out pizzas and diners based on Carlisle’s population. What they didn’t count on was the size of our community spirit.

Launa Zimmaro,

Carlisle School Garden and Composting Project Team

Another way to work on climate solutions

To the Editor:

Under Bill McKibben’s direction, is leading an admirable global event on 10/10/10 to show the world’s leaders that people everywhere are “ready to get to work on climate solutions” to bring the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere down to 350 parts per million, the purported safe upper limit. So it was with great dismay that when I perused the website for their Top 10 Ideas for the day to find the simplest and most critical idea missing – to eat a plant-based diet.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report Livestock’s Long Shadow – Environmental Issues and Options states that “the livestock sector is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe),” more than all forms of transportation combined. The report goes on to say “that the livestock sector has such deep and wide-ranging environmental impacts that it should rank as one of the leading focuses for environmental policy.”

Environmental specialists Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang for the World Bank Group reported in the November/December 2009 issue of the World Watch Institute that the UN estimate of 18% is far too conservative. Instead it is at least 51% of GHGe.

McKibben disputes the exact figure in his article “The Only Way to Have a Cow” in the March/April 2010 edition of Orion magazine. Still he admits that whatever the livestock GHGe is, it is certainly high. Equating livestock only with beef, he contends that the U.S. will eventually eat beef only as the rest of the world does, as no more than a flavor source. The problem he misses is that the rest of the world wants to emulate our diet, not the other way around.

Top 10 Ideas like writing the numbers 3, 5, and 0 on park grass using recycled garbage and taking a picture is nice but has minimal environmental effect and requires as much enduring commitment as writing 350 in the sand before the tide comes in. Bill McKibben and have a wonderful opportunity on 10/10/10 to make a truly positive, long-term impact. I hope they take it.

Jeannie Geneczko

Maple Street

Martinez says thanks

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all of the people of the 3rd Middlesex District who took the time to come out to vote in the primary election last Tuesday. Voting is the means by which “we, the people” can have our voices heard, and bring about positive change. You are to be commended for being a part of our democracy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my primary opponent for running. Running for public office is difficult and requires great personal sacrifice. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

To the hundreds of volunteers who worked tirelessly for months, I cannot thank you enough. You have been an inspiration to me and I look forward to working with you for the next month and a half.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who were successful in their primary races. I am looking forward to a spirited and productive 2010 campaign season.

Sandi Martinez, candidate

State Senate, 3rd Middlesex

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