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Friday, September 17, 2010

Shorts from the CSC Sept. 8

Highland project concerns. Concerns about the Highland Building repair project were raised at the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting on September 8 but it was unclear what action the committee would take. Members expressed frustration that the two-month project was not completed over the summer. With bids just coming in the expected start date would be sometime in October. “I would not want to see this done during the school year,” said Chair Chad Koski. Member Bill Fink, who is also a member of the Highland Committee, suggested it might be helpful to have the Highland project done before the school construction begins in a year. The committee discussed the inconvenience for the 12 students attending the preschool. A drop-off area for preschool students will still be available, but the committee raised concerns about construction workers parking trucks in the access area. “My concern is that they agree… then the first day of construction they do what they want,” said member Louis Salemy. “The workers will do whatever is convenient for them.” They discussed how the construction rules would be enforced. Member Joshua Kablotsky suggested they “ask the Highland Committee to address how they will force compliance” of the construction rules. No votes were taken for or against the project.

Votes taken. The committee voted to accept a class gift of $1,000 from the class of 2010 to support the school garden. The committee also voted to release the surplus technology equipment.

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