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Friday, September 17, 2010

Board of Health shorts, Sept. 7

Carlisle School building project. The Board of Health was called upon to provide some commentary on the current plans for the upcoming construction at the school. Among the issues raised at their meeting on September 7:

1. A temporary kitchen will be set up in Spalding so that kindergarten children will not need to walk all the way around the building to get out to the plaza and the dining room. The Board of Health noted that the temperature of food would need to be carefully checked and that a health inspector would need to go over the kitchen.

2. The contractors would need to be informed that certain types of waste cannot be disposed of on site.

3. In the older parts of the school, toxic asbestos was used in the floor tiles at the time of the construction, but has since been covered safely. Contractors should be aware of this when deconstructing parts of the floor.

Unused medicine. Fantasia facilitated a discussion on the possibility of returning a number of unused doses of unexpired H1N1 vaccine. It was noted that the temperature of the refrigerator in which they were stored was not monitored as required, but it is possible that the state will still take them back.

The board is also discussing a plan to sponsor a town-wide drug “pull back” which Fantasia noted will allow residents to “empty their medicine cabinets” of unused drugs.

Disposing of unused drugs into a septic system may pollute the groundwater, she says. Throwing unwanted medicines away in the trash is considered safer, because Carlisle’s trash is sent to an incinerator instead of a landfill.

Disturbance on Rutland Street. The board noted that some residents of Rutland Street had complained about excessive noise, removal of vegetation on town land and other issues, all as a result of construction at the Chestnut Estates. The board agreed that this largely fell out of their jurisdiction, their only official concerns being excess dust in the area and noise. However, since the complaints were filed, progress has already been made on these issues and the abutters have agreed to be patient. The board tabled the issue for the moment, taking no official action.

Flu clinics. In addition to the annual flu clinic for seniors, a fall clinic for all ages is being considered by the board. Fantasia later explained that the state Department of Public Health is recommending that everyone over the age of six months receive a flu shot this year. The town has requested 250 doses of vaccine, in addition to the 200 being requested by Emerson Home Care for the clinic for seniors.

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