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Friday, September 10, 2010


Gigi de Manio’s star is rising

In the days following Chelsea Clinton’s late-July nuptials, millions of curious viewers pored over the wedding photos that filled newspapers, magazines and web sites. But friends of Genevieve (“Gigi”) de Manio looked first at the credits below the photos, where their suspicions were confirmed. Although the Carlisle photographer had kept it a closely guarded ...more

Happy Trails : The Cranberry Bog

Even during the hottest days of the summer, there are some trails that always attract visitors. The conservation land at the Carlisle Cranberry Bog off Curve Street provides a wonderful system of trails which wind across the working section of the bog, along the nearby reservoirs and into the woods in Chelmsford. This land is particularly rich in wildlife and ...more

Biodiversity Corner : Glossy Buckthorn

Invasive species. You hear about them more and more, but what are they and how do you find them? This week is the perfect time to learn to identify one of Carlisle’s most pervasively invasive species: Glossy Buckthorn. ...more

The View from Sunset Road : What I did on my summer vacation

As the school buses round our corners in the mornings, and the pleasant nip of September drifts into our evening dinner hours, we breathe a collective sigh to welcome the new season. And welcome it is. It’s been a long summer, and a bountiful one weather-wise; we enjoyed August temperatures in June and wrapped up the season with a near miss from Hurricane ...more

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