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Friday, September 10, 2010


SCHOOL DAYS BEGIN AGAIN. Eighth graders (left to right) Ethan Chang,
Cassidy Smith and Molly Callahan step off the bus at the Carlisle School where
classes began on Tuesday, September 7. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

MOSQUITO ON VACATION. Larry Bearfi eld of North Road took his copy of the Mosquito on his summer vacation that included fi ve days on the Crow Nation Indian Reservation in Montana at the 92nd annual
Crow Fair. (Courtesy photo)



NEW FACES AT CCHS. Joining the Concord-Carlisle High School faculty this fall are (left to right): Bridget
Ryan - English, Melissa Henneberry - Latin, Alexandria Waldron - Spanish, Kimberly Magee - Social Studies and School Psychologist Katherine Allery. (Photo by Beth Clarke)


HEADING HOME. After a busy fi rst day, it’s time to climb into the bus and head
home. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

WELCOME TO CARLISLE. Physical Education teacher Lynne Carmel shows newcomers (left to right) TahneeRae, Teaghan and Tanner Buckelew around the Carlisle School gym. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

LOCAL TALENT. The band “About Five” performs at the Gleason Library Concert on the Lawn on August 26, with (left to right) Evan Scarlett, Chris Sellew, Charlie Abbott, Zach Cutler and Sean Fidler. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

The Indian Hill Big Band performs for an audience of over 200 on Sunday, August 29. Among the listeners are Jean and Jack Sain, who provided their own shade. Many people enjoyed the concert from under the shady trees. (Photos by Ellen Huber)

TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC. Dan and Liz Moseley give a ballroom demonstration at the August 29 “Swinging on the Green,” a musical event sponsored by the Friends of the COA and supported by a grant from the Carlisle Cultural Council. (Photo by Ellen Huber)


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