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Friday, September 10, 2010

State Primary Election – Tuesday, September 14

Bipartisan election signs line the corner of East Street and Bedford Road.
(Photo by Marjorie Johnson)

Ballots for the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian Parties will be available at the State Primary Election to be held at the Carlisle Town Hall on Tuesday, September 14, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. In the interests of brevity, only opposed candidates were reviewed. The following candidates will be listed on the ballots (Libertarian candidates are write-in only):

Democratic Ballot


Deval L. Patrick, Milton. Incumbent, unopposed

Lieutenant Governor

Timothy P. Murray, Worcester. Incumbent, unopposed

Attorney General

Martha Coakley, Medford. Incumbent, unopposed

Secretary of State

William Francis Galvin, Boston. Incumbent, unopposed


Steven Grossman, Newton. Promises to “Put Massachusetts on the road to financial stability.” Web site notes that he is “Chairman of Grossman Marketing Group in Somerville, a leading figure in numerous charitable organizations, and a distinguished political activist who has chaired the Democratic Party both in Massachusetts and nationally.”

Stephen J. Murphy, Boston. Motto is “Common sense for the Commonwealth.” Boston City Councilor. Plans to promote local banking, small companies.

Current Treasurer Timothy Cahill is running as the Independent candidate for Governor.


Suzanne M. Bump, Great Barrington. Former state rep, headed the state’s Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD), “where she confronted a legacy of 16 years of management neglect and disinvestment” according to her web site. Says that “Accountability for investment of scarce resources must be built into state government.”

Guy William Glodis, Auburn. “Reformer with Results.” Formerly state representative, state senator, Worcester County Sheriff. Promises to focus on “job creation, economic development, tax relief, and good government.” Has been accused by the Boston Globe of neglecting to pay federal taxes on campaign fund interest.

Mike Lake, Boston. Website notes “The only Democratic candidate for State Auditor who is independent of the Massachusetts political establishment.” Currently serves as Executive Director of Northeastern University’s World Class Cities Partnership

Current Auditor Joseph DeNucci is retiring.

Representative in U.S. Congress

Nicola S. Tsongas, Lowell. Incumbent, unopposed


Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney, Watertown. Incumbent. Website notes that “The Governors Council provides checks and balances for the Judicial Nominating commission and Governor” and that “Marilyn votes independently and (is) dedicated to ensure the nominee is not a political appointment and is truthful, ethical, qualified, experienced, with the proper demeanor and temperament.”

Corey A. Belanger, Lowell. Google shows no website. Facebook reports “Corey Belanger, life long resident of Lowell, is running for the Massachusetts Governor’s Council. He was able to attain the 1,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot. The next step is the September 14th Primary.”

Senator in General Court

Susan C. Fargo, Lincoln. Incumbent, unopposed

Representative in General Court

Cory Atkins, Concord. Incumbent, unopposed

District Attorney

Gerard T. Leone, Jr., Hopkinton. Incumbent, unopposed


James V. Dipaola, Malden. Incumbent, unopposed

Republican Ballot


Charles D. Baker, Swampscott.Unopposed

Lieutenant Governor

Richard R. Tisei, Wakefield. Unopposed

Attorney General: None.

Secretary of State

William C. Campbell, Woburn. Unopposed


Karyn E. Polito, Shrewsbury. Unopposed


Mary Z. Connaughton, Framingham. Motto: “Professional not Political.” CPA, member of Turnpike Authority Board of Directors. Quoted in 8/24/10, “While assessing the financial impact of legislation is not a current responsibility of the State Auditor, I would take on the function to improve the overall legislative process.”

Kamal Jain, Lowell. Motto: “Total transparency.” First generation Indian-American, web site notes business and technology background.

Representative in U.S. Congress

Jonathan A. Golnik, Carlisle. Website notes he is a small businessman, not a politician. “It’s time for all of us who have been disillusioned and frustrated to step up, make our voices heard and have an impact.” The Weekly Standard 8/11/10 notes he is “the one true conservative candidate with a legitimate chance of beating [Niki Tsongas].”

The Boston Globe and the Lowell Sun have reported that Golnik was arrested for drunk driving in 2001 which Golnik called “a stupid mistake” ( The Merrimack Valley Eagle Tribune and Boston Globe also report that Golnik went more than eight years without casting a ballot in any election from 2000 to March 2009. According to the, “He has since voted in two annual town elections, one special town election, and the state primary and special elections won by U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.”

Sam S. Meas, Haverhill. Website quote, “In my home country of Cambodia, my family witnessed the horrible atrocities committed by the communist government. These were powerful events that forever changed the lives of many. They certainly shaped my own understanding of freedom and liberty.” Quoted in WSJ: America is “on a slow path towards socialism.” “We need to get government out of managing people’s lives.”

Robert L. Shapiro, Andover. Per web site, wants to reduce taxes and spending, seal the borders and repeal health care bill.

Thomas J. M. Weaver, Westford. Motto “Empower the Citizen, not the government!” Navy veteran, employer, wants to cut government spending.

A review and video of a recent debate between the four Republican candidates is available at:

Councillor: None

Senator in General Court

Eric Richard Dahlberg, Chelmsford. Web site notes, “will bring the same priorities to the State Senate that I’ve brought to the Chelmsford Board of Selectmen: streamlining government, lowering taxes, and improving the business climate.” Background in health care.

Sandra B. Martinez, Chelmsford.Motto: “Save our country, Save our flag.” Per web site, “Concerned with mounting challenges facing the American family.” Former State Director of Concerned Women for America (CWA). Chelmsford Town Meeting Representative for seven years, active member of the Chelmsford Republican Town Committee.

Representative in General Court,

District Attorney and Sheriff: None ∆

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