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Friday, September 10, 2010

Resident and police team up to nab suspect

Last Friday morning, an alert Westford Street resident teamed up with Lieut. Leo Crowe and Officer Richard Tornquist to demonstrate that while Carlisle’s finest are up there with the best of them when it comes to getting their man, they are even more efficient when residents provide fast and accurate information to help their search. The Friday morning was in effect a drama in four parts.

Part I. According to police reports, the Westford Street resident returned to her home about 11:30 Friday morning and found two suspicious males in a brown Mazda four-door in her drive. They left when she drove in and she then saw that the rear window of her house had been pried open and immediately called police with a description of the vehicle and the men in it. Tornquist and Crowe responded to the call. They saw the resident safely inside her house and then set out to locate the Mazda, Tornquist turning left on Westford Street towards Munroe Hill Road and Crowe heading east toward the center in case their quarry had turned right on leaving the drive.

Part II. Crowe spotted the Mazda on East Street and stopped it on Cutters Ridge Road. (Tornquist had reversed direction and caught up with Crowe at this point). Information obtained at that time showed both men had a history of housebreaks. The Mazda was not searched; with no evidence to hold them or investigate further no charges were made and the men continued on their way, but not before Crowe had a good look at the interior of the vehicle.

Heald Road robbery reported

Part III. About 20 minutes after the Mazda went on its way, police were called about a housebreak on Heald Road in which jewelry and a backpack were taken. Crowe remembered he had seen a North Face backpack on the back seat of the Mazda when he stopped it at Cutters Ridge and after a quick exchange of phone calls with the Heald Road resident learned that it was a North Face backpack that had been taken from her home.

Part IV. On the strength of a hunch about the backpack, warrants were obtained for the two men and a Stop-and-Hold order sent to area towns. Lowell police stopped the Mazda in that town about two hours later. Both the passenger and the backpack were gone, but Stephen Abrams, a Lowell resident, was arrested by Lowell police on the Carlisle warrant. Carlisle Inspector Andy Booth was present and had a chance to interview him while he was in custody in Lowell and before he was released on bail. His passenger, Jose Rivera of Dracut, is still at large.

Residents may remember a break-in on Cross Street about this time last summer in which Crowe, Tornquist and a number of off-duty police working on detail in the town worked with a canine unit and police from nearby towns to track down the burglars and recover most of the stolen goods. At first glance this may look like another chapter of super police on the job, but Crowe and Tornquist will be the first to say that every one of the four parts of this story was essential for the final outcome, that it was the team that created the successful outcome. ∆

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