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Friday, August 27, 2010


Kathy Coyle, long-time Carlislean, helped hatch the Mosquito

Editors Note: The DVD of the following interview, produced by David Ives, will soon be available at the Gleason Library. It is part of the Carlisle Oral History Project, sponsored by the Carlisle Mosquito. ...more

Around Home : A calf arrives, but the work isn't over

Gracie is not our favorite cow on my parents farm next door on Bedford Road.She is more stand-offish than any of the other animals here and can occasionally be a little bit ornery, whereas all the others tend to be gentle and sweet. Still, shes been part of the herd for several years now, and her personality has grown on us. Like the high-maintenance ...more

Local Agility Club has attained national prominence

Its five oclock on a hot Wednesday as the first cars pull in and park on the gravel driveway at 291 River Road (River Road Farm). Toting treats and toys, water and dog crates and led by eager dogs of all shapes and sizes, the members of ARFF (Agility is Really Fun for Fido) Agility Club are arriving to set up for their weekly practice on the agility field ...more

Biodiversity Corner : Northern Flicker

Now and then there is an image so compelling that it reappears in your minds eye of its own accord, uninvited. For me recently it was the sight of a Northern Flicker on the bare branch of a dead tree in the glow of the setting sun. I gazed and gazed. I have since found myself channeling that famous couch potato, William Wordsworth, for oft when on my couch ...more

Carlisle Public School Bus Sched: Grades K - 4

Bus C1

Route starts at 8:06 a.m.

555 East Street, 25 Rutland Road, Rutland & Great Brook Path, Rutland & Calderwood, 400 Rutland Road, 815 North Road, 99 Pine Brook, 610 Rutland, Rutland & Patch Meadow, North & McCallister, 1173 North Road, 916 Maple Street, 491 Maple Street, Maple & Davis (1st Entrance), Maple & Davis (2nd Entrance), 110 Maple, Bedford & Maple, ...more

Kindergarten Tuesday/Thursday noon bus schedule : Routes start at 12:05

Kindergarten noon bus East

52 East Street, 104 East Street, Carlisle Kids House, 71 Cutters Ridge Road, 555 East Street, 610 Rutland Street, 625 Rutland Street, 1173 North Road, Old East Street, 90 East Meadow Lane, Carroll Drive and East Street, 79 Tophet Road, 491 Maple Street, 177 Davis Road, 964 Bedford Road Road, 26 Skelton Road, Garnet Rock and Nowell Farm Road, 16 Long Ridge Road, ...more

New CCHS bus schedule (Please note that this schedule has changed from previous years)

Carlisle bus 9

6:55 a.m. River & Prospect

6:58 a.m. Garnet Rock & Nowell Farme ...more

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